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Chinese New Year in London

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travellingtime Mon 04-Feb-13 09:22:15

Has anyone ever gone into London for Chinese New Year.
I know ther are lots of things on in China Town and around Trafalgar Square.
Is it ok for kids ? Mine aged 3 & 6.

dinkystinky Mon 04-Feb-13 09:30:27

We went last year when DS1 and DS2 were that age - take a buggy for the youngest as its lots of standing around. We watched the procession and got some things from stalls. Wouldnt head to Trafalgar Square - lots of standing around and it gets packed. If you want to eat in chinatown, definitely book a table in advance at your restaurant. The kids did enjoy it though - but hated standing around listening to all the speeches at Trafalgar Square in the cold (as did I) while waiting for the performers to come on.

MamiToto Wed 06-Mar-13 15:07:22

Hi there, 'Travellingtime' & 'Dinkystinky',

Not quite used to posting as I am a newbie - so please bear with.

Did you manage to go to the CNY celebrations this year?

I went with a friend's family and our young toddlers 2yrs and 1.3 yrs old. I have been to a few CNY celebrations years with hubby, before baby was born and remembered the long standing and waiting in the cold for the performances in Trafalgar Square. I have also volunteered in organising behind the scenes and working on the stalls, it was a great atmosphere but again I got cold standing around.

So we are a little wiser now with babies to consider and still saw a few celebrations and had a celebratory dim sum. Also, we were lucky to see a lion dance too which was a nice surprise.

We have started venturing into Chinatown and Central London once or twice a month for the toddlers to enjoy a change of scene. We have yet to discover good family friendly places but perhaps you would like to join us in this quest? smile

Would you like to meet? It'll be nice for the children to have some play friends.

Please message my inbox.

All the best, MamiToTo

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