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Roman Colchester - help me plan my day!

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corblimeymadam Sun 03-Feb-13 21:34:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QueenBoudicea Mon 04-Feb-13 20:39:50

Can you wait a year? The castle is currently closed for redevelopment - see

The Castle is in the top half of the park. Excellent new kids play area round the corner from it. You could probably spend a couple of hours in the castle when it re-opens and lunch in the park

Firstsite is just round the corner to see the Berryfields Mosaic - they also have free family art activities on saturdays - check the website to see what's on - free entrance and fab building. They also have a nice cafe. Lots of nice little family friendly cafes all over Colchester.

Over the road from the castle you also have the natural history museum which whilst not about Romans is quite nice to stop for half an hour or so - free to visit.

Have a look on for more info/details and printable leaflets/guides.

corblimeymadam Mon 04-Feb-13 20:58:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QueenBoudicea Mon 04-Feb-13 21:23:58

NN is rather topical grin

As far as I'm aware the whole castle is closed - you probably work your way through most of sites on the roman colchester website in a day.

Other non roman historical bits include the origins of humpty dumpty which is about 100 yards from the Balkerne Gate

Oh and you can try and spot the blue plaque of where the author of twinkle twinkle little star lives when she wrote it!

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