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Drayton Manor Park/Hotel - tips and info wanted, please!

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PoppyWearer Sun 30-Dec-12 20:45:44

We want to stay at Drayton Manor Hotel and go to Thomas-Land for DS's 2nd birthday. We also have an older DD.

Not until the summer, but I would like to get it booked sooner rather than later so that DH can make sure he's off work.

Please can you share your experiences and advice? Is the hotel good, or would we be better off at a child-friendly place close by?

(Unfortunately DH and I have spent years travelling for business and have become rather spoilt, we do like a naice hotel!)

McBobby Sun 30-Dec-12 23:46:17

The hotel is good, especially if you book the Thomas room. It's clean and nice enough. Don't know what the normal rooms are like but with the character room (200 a night) you get a double and character bunk beds and a character breakfast. Our DS loved it.

We used Tesco clubcard vouchers to buy the tickets for Drayton Manor so it cost nothing. Lots of the Thomas Land rides have a height restriction which our little fella didn't meet so we were even more glad we didn't pay. He went on five rides in total. He loved it and we would go again and not change anything.

PoppyWearer Tue 01-Jan-13 13:20:26

Thanks for your reply, sorry only just seen it! I had seen the character room but wasn't sure if it was worth doing.

RedcupsforChristmas Wed 02-Jan-13 21:52:44

Were going on sunday to the Magical Christmas thingy, and staying in the hotel so will update next week. If anyone has more tips please share!! Have searched the old threads but all people seem to say is that the food is

RedcupsforChristmas Sat 05-Jan-13 22:21:12

Ok checked in to the hotel, very nice and clean. Upgraded to thomas room, goodie bag for the kids is magazine slippers and colouring in sheets, nothing special. Had dinner downstairs, very childfriendly but food really really bad. The staff were lovely and its not busy but there is no excuse for reheated spaghetti for kids, with a sad excuse for a cold meatball. The adults had steak, nicely cooked, but the garnish and veg had sat out all day and was beyond sad. Eat before you check in! Lots of thomas train tables around but no trains to play with, suppose they have all been nicked. The DS were very sad stood by the tables waiting for someone to bring trains....
I will update tomorrow after weve been to the park...

RedcupsforChristmas Mon 07-Jan-13 13:52:21

OK, please note we went for the Christmas Extravaganza so the whole park wasnt open, only the thomasland bit. The kids loved thomasland, some really great rides and fun had by all. The fake snow was brilliant, DS thought it was magic!
THe food is vile, think standard themepark crap, sausage rolls and pasties sat out under heatlamps for hours and plastic paninis... bring food!!!

My 2 year old went on all the thomas rides exept the troublesome trucks coaster as mummy was scared, the 4 year old loved the diesels and I had to endure it 4 times... No queues at all so well worth going in winter if you just want thomas land!!

Staff good, santa was fab (one of 6 operating in the castle, talk about milking it!) and all in all very quiet but thats how we like it! Lots of cover and heatlamps so we werent cold.

I have no qualms with the park, its what it is, even the softplay was very well organized and lots of helpful staff, but adults can not enter the climbing frame so my 2 year old couldnt enjoy it as he didnt dare to go. THe four year old asked for help and a kind stafflady took him round and down the slides. So a bit of a strange setup but I suppose good.

THe hotel is a licence to print money, its milking parents for every penny and I dont think its worth it. DONT pay extra for the charachter breakfast unless you think its worth 8 pounds for a balloon and a piece of paper saying you had breakfast... its the same breakfast room, same food, just a staffmember dressed as Mrs Hat who chatted to us for all of 1 minute.
THe character room was lovely and the kids loved it, they have little DVDs in the beds and lend you dvds to watch. but for 100 pound extra not really worth it. The normal rooms looked lovely, nice clean and bright. Again the dinner was abysmal.

Staff in the hotel were sweet but didnt volounteer any information, we had to ask about everything and even though we asked we werent even told we could drive the car down to the entrance of the park, instead we took the land train down and up again, you would have thought the receptionist could have offered up the information as we asked what to do with the car and she said take the train...

We asked why there were no toy trains on the multitude of play tables and were told they are there to encourage parents to buy the overpriced toys in the giftshop...and once you do other kids want to play with them and you have a major fight on your hands. TOtal Hell if you ask me.
Not much information from the hotel, we didnt find the play area inside, and were to late for the entertainment (thank god)... THere is a playground outside.

Having stayed at the Legoland hotel that experience was much much nicer, the food was still average but the whole experience for the kids was lego mayhem from checkin to checkout. This just seemed a bit blaaahhh wishy washy in comparasm.

There was a big birthday function on as well, so the hotel was full of guests milling about half drunk which didnt quite fit with the family atmosphere.

IF you see if for what it is and hold on to your purse you should have a great time!! again the park is great fun for little thomas fans Im not so sure of the hotel. Look for a nice b&B or travellodge instead.

ajandjjmum Mon 07-Jan-13 14:08:00

Not a great fan of Drayton Manor - always seems a bit dirty and worn. We did stay once at Alton Towers hotel, and that was excellent - a few years ago though now!

bowyert1 Fri 01-Feb-13 13:30:01

I would counter the above review with:
I agree with that most kiosks offer the same sort of food at theme parks but that is what is offered, however right at the fromt gate is The grill restauarant which is superb and we eat there each time we go to Drayton. Thought Drayton itself is very well maintained and queues not a problem

Floralnomad Sat 02-Feb-13 22:05:13

We stayed at Drayton Manor hotel just after it opened and it was lovely , but we didn't eat in the restaurant . It was much ,much nicer than Splash landings hotel at Alton Towers. The theme park is a little worn ,but very friendly with some lovely rides and by far the best organised theme park I've been to in the UK with regards to disabled access. We also ate at the Grill and it was very nice .

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