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Great Pack of Walks for kids

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Whizzz Fri 07-Apr-06 17:35:57

Just bought one of these & it's really good

10 individual booklets all set out for kids to read so they can be in charge of the walk. Well illustrated & full of other things to look out for. The only downside is the booklets might get dog eared with use.
Hope to try them out if we get some better weather & persuade DS to actually like going for a 'proper' walk.

Skribble Fri 07-Apr-06 17:38:39

They look good, I love sign posted walks so that the kids can take the lead, if they feel they are in charge they will walk for miles.

Don't tell them its a proper walk, just let them think its an adventure/ treasure hunt/ mystery tour for mum whatever.

Whizzz Fri 07-Apr-06 17:41:00

Yup - we got the Lake District one.

If anyone does think about bying one, note that the website I linked to doesn't now accept credit cards - you have to send a cheque.

Whizzz Sun 16-Apr-06 19:38:32

Well, we did one of these walks today in Ambleside - a great hit.
DS 'in charge', no complaints of 'my legs are tired' !!

A great day out & it was sunny

roisin Sun 16-Apr-06 19:42:56

Thanks for the recommendation - they look great. I'll pick one up next time I get chance.

Where are you btw? We're in Barrow. DSs like walking, but ds1 is a reluctant starter atm, so we always have a battle to get over the moans and complaints: this might be just the trick.

Whizzz Sun 16-Apr-06 19:47:27

We are in Cheshire - so about an hour away from Lakes
DS is 5 and has never been a great one for proper walks - until today !!

roisin Tue 16-May-06 19:49:36

Whizz, we picked up something similar at Muncaster a couple of weeks ago, and gave it to ds2 on his birthday: he is entranced. He can't wait to take us all on a walk! (It;s called Wild Walks.)

I'm going to order a copy of the Making Tracks booklets for ds1's birthday, then they can take turns on guiding the walks.

Thanks again for the recommendation.

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