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Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour - Shop Prices

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nelliegooner Wed 14-Nov-12 12:12:38

Are the prices in the shop at the Warner Brothers Studio tour the same as elsewhere or are they inflated due to location and captive buyers!
eg marauders Map at Forbidden Planet is £30.50 and it's £32.99 at Amazon; Tom Riddles Diary £23.99 Forbidden Planet, £24 at
The reason I ask is we are taking DD there for her birthday. She wants HP stuff for her birthday too. Do we buy before, or will the prices be acceptable that she can pick and chose on the day?

Spatsky Thu 15-Nov-12 12:13:27

I can't make a comparison with other places but can tell you the prices there are eye watering. I wet expecting inflate prices but even with that expectation mind I was still gob smacked.

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