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Is Clown Town in Palmers Green suitable for ds 1.8mnths?

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Taffindra Thu 16-Feb-06 13:07:32

HAve heard good things about Clown Town - is it OK for energetic toddlers?!!
And even more importantly, do they do a decent coffee?

suzywong Thu 16-Feb-06 13:11:12


it isn't

and no they don't

well it is if you want to be on guard the whole time. But the coffee was so awful you probably won't want to be lounging around in the white plastic garen chairs and inhaling the whiff of chicken nuggets all around

But it was over 2 years since I was last there so I could be mistaken

mythumbelinas Thu 16-Feb-06 13:24:29

I don't like clown town. I found the toilets smelt of stale pee! I'd never organise a party for my dd's there!!

Have you tried topsy turvy world in brent cross? i haven't been there myself, yet, but my friend did and liked it.

krabbiepatty Thu 16-Feb-06 13:28:57

someone told me there is a very good softplay place in msuwell hill area with good coffee - will try to get the name...

Taffindra Thu 16-Feb-06 13:47:36

Would be good re:place in Muswell Hill - thanks Krabbiepatty.
Topsy Turvy world is quite good - but has also recently become quite expensive. Is also apsolutely HEAVING most days, total chaos. Not much good for smaller ones - great for 4+. They also did a mean Salmon Teriaki last time I went!

suzywong Thu 16-Feb-06 13:57:03

so I'm not standing corrected then, it's still rank is it?

Is TopsyTurvy World New?

Davros Thu 16-Feb-06 18:26:31

Clown Town is definitely rank. Not sure where you are, DD likes The Talacre, near Kentish Town.

mythumbelinas Fri 17-Feb-06 14:25:23

suzy wong, yes, topsy turvy world is quite new .. didn't i read somewhere that you're in australia tho?

Pollyanna Fri 17-Feb-06 14:34:10

it is rank, but my children all love it there. The coffee is foul though and the whole place smells of chips. I think it is quite easy to monitor your child in the baby section - more difficult in Topsy Turvy land I think.

krabbiepatty Fri 17-Feb-06 14:47:03

Sorry, menaing to ring friend who knows name of Muswell Hill place. Food and coffee at Talacre just as bad as Clown Town in my view and staff quite grumpy.

Davros Fri 17-Feb-06 18:14:12

have to admit that I don't take DD to Talacre, I let someone else do that! It just looks a lot nicer as its newer. There's also the one in the Sobell Centre but that place has really gone down hill and is pretty dirty.

000Laura000 Thu 22-Feb-07 10:43:49

If you looking for things for toddlers/young children in North London I would thoroughly recommend a new place... in Wood Green. I know Wood Green! It's called "Kidz Adventure Zone" and it's a huge playframe thing in an old warehouse. It's less frantic than Pirates on Green Lanes and much bigger than the playframe in Crouch End.

They have reduced rates on weekday mornings. The coffee is reasonable. I think you have to specify real rather than instant - can't remember.

You can park right outside.

The only problem is you have to go near Wood Green but it's certainly fine on a weekday or early on a Saturday.

It doesn't smell of urine or chips. The loos are quite clean.

I don't work there, I just have the misfortune to live near Wood Green.



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