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Time Capsule Monklands or Perth Swimming Pool? Probably a Q for SCOTTISH Mnetters!

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MrsSpoon Wed 08-Feb-06 21:21:15

If you had the choice would you take the kids to the Time Capsule or Perth Swimming Pool?

We are hoping to go tomorrow, we were in Glasgow today and the Schools aren't on holiday yet so the Time Capsule might be quiet, however we have never been there before. Don't know about Perth, although we have been there years and years ago and seem to remember it being quite good.

Any help would be appreciated as I am struggling to find much info on Google.

Mistymoo Wed 08-Feb-06 21:23:05

Have not been to the Time Capsule but have been to the Perth Swimming Pool and seem to remember it being good fun. We haven't been in a while though.

Mistymoo Wed 08-Feb-06 21:23:37

Where is the Time Capsule?

MrsSpoon Wed 08-Feb-06 21:25:37

Mistymoo, it's in Coatbridge.

Aimsmum Wed 08-Feb-06 21:26:21

Message withdrawn

Alipiggie Wed 08-Feb-06 21:26:49

How old are your children?? Glasgow Science Centre supposed to be good. Noah's Ark in Perth for the younger ones - great soft play centre. Almondvale Farm Park if the weather's great!!!! Falkirk Wheel - excellent and free to view (think car park is not free any more though) Boat trips probably not running yet.

Mistymoo Wed 08-Feb-06 21:28:18

The Time Capsule looks like it has more to offer than Perth. Might go there myself sometime.

Mistymoo Wed 08-Feb-06 21:29:39

I can recommend the Science Centre too. Although tomorrow is an in-service day here (Highlands) and so it might be busy if kids are off school in Glasgow too.

MrsSpoon Wed 08-Feb-06 21:34:30

Thanks Aimsmum, couldn't find a web page for the Time Capsule, looks fun. We have a very plain ordinary swimming pool here so thought we would treat the kids to a day out at one with slides and wave machines. Think I like the idea of the Time Capsule best, just need to persuade DH now.

Alipiggie we were at the Science Centre today, the kids love it, well actually we do too, saw a fab 3-D film at the Imax, great day out. We have been to Noah's Ark but now we have a big soft play locally I think the kids are a bit fed up of it just now. Saving Almondvale for a warm day, it's a fab day out too. Only been once to the Falkirk Wheel and the wheel wasn't working, it has put me off going again.

MrsSpoon Wed 08-Feb-06 21:36:30

Mistymoo, the kids in Glasgow aren't off that's the appealing thing about going through that way. There were a few School parties at the Science Centre but we were told by the woman on the desk that they were normally away by about 1pm.

Aimsmum Wed 08-Feb-06 21:37:47

Message withdrawn

Latz Wed 08-Feb-06 21:40:37

Perth Pool is great - u get a monkey jungle for the older ones to play in - shallow water plus the outside play park is quite good too.

Noah's Ark in Perth is good but if you are driving its worth going the extra distance to Jungle Kids in Dundee - much better. Take the main Kingsway bypass in Dundee and head towards Coupar Angus.

MrsSpoon Wed 08-Feb-06 21:42:39

Latz, Jungle Kids is a big favourite for my DSs. I take it it's open again, saw something about it being closed and the guy being charged for stealing electricity?

Latz Wed 08-Feb-06 21:43:21

God knows not been for a while - see if anything on web....

Latz Wed 08-Feb-06 21:44:45

nothing mentioned here

MrsSpoon Wed 08-Feb-06 21:56:17

Fantastic, sounds like it's still open then! The article in the paper must have been at least 6 months ago so they must have sorted it all out. Fab place, although the food could be better but you can't have everything.

Latz Wed 08-Feb-06 21:58:02

Yes especially for the tots better than Noahs ark - their under 3's area is much smaller.

MrsSpoon Wed 08-Feb-06 21:59:28

<Bad Mummy Alert> I like it that they have staff, who seem pretty on-the-ball, in the play area so you don't have to go in with the kids (although you can if you want to).

Latz Wed 08-Feb-06 22:00:30

Last time I went to jungle kids dd was quite clingy - nearly got stuck in one of the tubes! How embarassing

MrsSpoon Wed 08-Feb-06 22:02:10

Awww, bless.

Latz Wed 08-Feb-06 22:03:23

R u in Dundee then

mcmudda Wed 08-Feb-06 22:05:33

Still remember the cheesy radio advert when the time Capsule opened

(said in nasal miss hoolie voice)"Ra time capsule monklands - hawf ice hawf watter a whoooooole lotta fun"

Aimsmum Wed 08-Feb-06 22:07:22

Message withdrawn

mcmudda Wed 08-Feb-06 22:15:41

I remember that one!!!

seb1 Wed 08-Feb-06 22:38:44

If you go to the time capsule there is a fab museum close by


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