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things to do around Ely ?

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fredly Tue 07-Feb-06 15:34:34

For my 16m old daughter. Thanks.

Marina Tue 07-Feb-06 15:37:17

I was going to recommend getting on a train to almost anywhere else Fredly but that's silly because I love the Fens really
Not from the area but love Wimpole Hall, not far from Cambridge. Gorgeous place and worth NT membership in its own right.
Also like the big NT country estate near Sheringham...but obviously both are not year round destinations.

fredly Tue 07-Feb-06 17:04:00

Thanks Marina, I'm actually half way between Cam and Ely.
But I was more thinking in terms of soft play centers, funky swimming pools, that sort of thing.

spacecadet Tue 07-Feb-06 17:10:39

i live near ely, there is a strikes multiplex in ely with asoft play centre(planet zoom), jo jingles and tumble tots in the paradise sports centre too.

spacecadet Tue 07-Feb-06 17:11:33

best swimming pool is in cambridge, water slides etc, the one in ely is a bit grim.

fredly Tue 07-Feb-06 17:38:11

that's exactly what i was looking for spacecadet, thanks ! will definitely go & have a look.

MaryBS Mon 13-Feb-06 12:37:01

I live near Ely too - can't think of anything else. I've never used the swimming pool as its had bad reports about how dirty it is since it reopened.

Planet Zoom soft play do special offers on Mon and Wed in termtime.
I recommend Wimpole Hall farm as well - it has good outdoor play areas, theres all the animals to see and they do special events days too.

Prufrock Mon 13-Feb-06 12:54:10

Parkside swimming in Cambridge - though the toddler pool can get cold breezes. There is a Funky funhouse soft play centre off Newmarket road in Cambridge which is really excellent. South of Cambridge - so a bit farther for you, there is Cheeky Monkeys playbarn - not as big as FFH inside but a great outside area for the summer. Shepreth, Linton Zoo and Mole Hall are all wildlife/zoo places but again all are south.

CatherineG Mon 03-Apr-06 08:34:33

In soham, there is a soft play in the sports hall of the village college that is cheap (£1.50) and ideal for that age group.

MaryBS Mon 03-Apr-06 17:32:30

We went to the Raptor centre near Somersham at the weekend - that was pretty cool, but not a lot of good for a 16m old I'm afraid!

kellyv Mon 23-Jul-07 10:15:46

Hi ya I'm from Ely and I've not really found much that goes on in the holidays here,
The only good park in Ely really is the big one near the hospital, that's really good.

I went to Church Farm in Stow badolph, it’s quite nice they have tractors for all ages and a few animals, although my little girl just loved the trampolines they have!

Other than that the Maize maze is a really nice day out, Weather permitting, I really enjoyed it too.

Don't know if anyone has been to Cheeky monkeys play barn in fulborn, or the funky fun house in Cambridge, they are really good for the kids, although the fun house is all indoor and it's about £5-6 per child.

They both have websites to look at...
cheeky monkeys:

Also the mepal outdoor centre, not cheap but worth it, address...

Hope this helps someone out as I know how annoying it is finding things to do!!
Good luck Kelly.

esc Tue 24-Jul-07 00:40:26

Hi Fredly. If you want a few more ideas, you could try as they usually manage to come up with good stuff. When you find an attraction you like, don't forget to click the near-by tab to see what else is in the area. Good luck.

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