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Things to do in SOUTH WALES??

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Raro Thu 19-Jan-06 11:40:50

I've recently moved from London to Bridgend, South Wales . My daughter has just turned three. Can anyone suggest some fun things for us to do around here? We've found the local recreation centre which is fab but otherwise I'm a bit stumped! PLUS I have two teenage nephews visiting in February - what on earth am I going to do with them ???

katylou25 Thu 19-Jan-06 12:39:40

Theres loads to do in Cardiff - which is only 1/2 hour up the motorway if you drive - the bay is nice and has Techniquest a big hands on museumy type thing - and bowling etc for when teenagers come to stay! loads of big soft play centres - JUMP is fab, Cafe Junior which has loads of toys...... But not sure about Bridgend itself sorry!!!

SPARKLER1 Thu 19-Jan-06 12:42:26

Hi Raro - my cousin lives near you. I live in Dorset but most of my family live in Neath.

iota Thu 19-Jan-06 12:44:30

I assume that you are familiar with Nc Arther Glen ?

Has a cinema a food court and a childrens playground as well as the shops

iota Thu 19-Jan-06 12:44:58

I assume that you are familiar with Mc Arther Glen ?

Has a cinema a food court and a childrens playground as well as the shops

Mosschops30 Thu 19-Jan-06 12:47:01

Message withdrawn

welshboris Thu 19-Jan-06 12:50:41

In the other direction, nearer to my area there is Oakwood Park, its about an hours drive I would think from Bridgend but its a great theme park. Close to that is Folly Farm which would be fab for your daughter.

May be a bit too far for you but hope it helps

Raro Mon 23-Jan-06 19:48:01

Thanks girlies - this is useful stuff
Sorry for delay in responding - I don't seem to get online all that much! I think I've been to Techniquest many years ago .. must look it up again. I heard there's something similar in Swansea - anyone know about that?
Will have to try out Jump - any clues on where to look in Cardiff?
So far we've made quite good use of all the beaches. My wee one doesn't seem to mind the howling winds and freezing temperatures as much as me!

sheba2288 Mon 30-Jan-06 16:40:31

Message withdrawn

ediemay Mon 30-Jan-06 17:00:04

Hi Raro

Just wanted to add that teenagers would love the arcades in Cardiff - loads of beautiful one-off shops.
I lived near Llantrisant for a year and used to head down to St Donats or Llantwit (east of you along the coast) for coastal walks and beach walks.

The Mumbles and the Gower are gorgeous in good weather and Swansea has the new maritime museum. Cariff's main museum is good for little ones to run around in, and they all love the castle & park.

My top favourite is St Fagan's - it's an outdoor museum in a little village just outside Cardiff (near Llandaff) with loads of houses, cotages and buildings to explore. Great for all ages and it's free.

I hope you're enjoying it. I'm back in North wales know but love the South too. Croeso - welcome - to Wales

PeachyClair Mon 30-Jan-06 17:48:07

We went to the Dr Who exhinition yesterday at the Red Dragon centre in cardiff, finishes at some point next month iirc. That was good (and free!)

Once she's older, i'd suggest a trip here (Caerleon)- old Roman Amphitheatre that's great on sunny days, a museum that runs a lot of kids stuff in the holidays (all Roman related) and also they have a big gladiator weekend in the summer, Roman Extravaganza I think they call it, which is a great day out with a picnic.

Otherwise, definitely the Bay- was surprised just how nice it was. Bristol Zoo isn't far over the Bridge, and there's a steam railway somewhere that i've seen advertised.

Blandmum Mon 30-Jan-06 17:51:07

The seaside, But not Barry Island or Porthcawl

Tecniquest is fab. St Fagans is can spend all day there and it is free

Sallystrawberry Mon 30-Jan-06 17:52:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blandmum Mon 30-Jan-06 17:53:22

Sutherdown is fab! Love it , love it!

Freddiecat Mon 06-Feb-06 22:40:22

Another vote for St. Fagans. With teenagers try Big Pit. Min age 5 tho as you actually go down into the mine.

Went to Rhondda Heritage Park a couple of weeks ago with DS (3) and DD (18mths). Play area only open in summer but looks great. DS loved the yard tho with loads of old trains. We're trying the tour this weekend as he is desparate to go down a coal mine.

Also there's Dan Yr'Ogof caves just up from Neath which is pretty good and a country park just before you get there.

Urm - Wales Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay has a brilliant hands-on exhibit about the theatre - free entry too.

The visitors centre at the Brecon Beacons national park is good. V nice cafe open all year with a play area down the end. Spectacular views and areas to walk outside.

Llantrisant's quite nice for a short mooch around. There's a craft centre which is interesting, old fashioned toy shop, old fashioned grocery shop and the Butcher's Arms coffee shop is very good.

Roath Park in Cardiff. Walk or bike round lake. Feed ducks, go to playground.

There's a book of things to do with families around Cardiff.

welshboris Mon 06-Feb-06 22:45:13

Mumbles is amazing, as is the Gower. Its an area of outstanding natural beauty!!

You mentioned something similar to Tecniquest in Swansea, I think you mean Plantasia its an indoor place. Full of plants, got an aquarium type thing, and animals there too. Really nice, its right by city centre.

Singelton Park is lush aswell, when the weather gets nicer. Take a picnic, loads of lush grass areas, a park, lake with swans and ducks.
We like talking to the squirrels.
Ive mentioned Folly Farm, I think Groveland is close to that too, thats good.

Hope youre loving South Wales x

Sallystrawberry Mon 06-Feb-06 22:48:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rach69 Mon 06-Feb-06 23:47:56

Hi Raro

I've lived in Swansea for the last 15 years (where are you WelshBoris?) and I can recommend all sorts for the summer - especially on the way to Tenby but it is harder work this time of year! We do have the new Maritime Museum - not exactly Techniquest and Plantasia is probably better for 3yr olds.

The Gower Heritage Centre on the Gower is really good for pre-school+ - they have a lot of seasonal events, puppet shows, play area, fish to feed... very gentle for a few hours out and close to the gorgeous Gower beaches which are free for hours of fun anytime of year (more rock pools etc).

For teenagers - designer shopping in McArthur Glen, quad biking/paintballing - Gower or Cardiff/valleys/Caerphilly. Oakwood theme park near Tenby (caters for younger kids too). Afan Lido (pool with slides etc) near Port Talbot.

welshboris Tue 07-Feb-06 09:00:17

Rach, Cockett

Rach69 Wed 08-Feb-06 22:34:40

Blimey, 10 mins away - I'm in Killay

welshboris Wed 08-Feb-06 22:41:16

Congrats on Finn, just read your birth story

Did you give birth in the big hospital by the sea? (naming no names ;-) ) How did you find the breastfeeding support after c-section?

It was awful for me, kept leaving bottles by my bed!!

Sallystrawberry Wed 08-Feb-06 22:51:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rach69 Fri 10-Feb-06 22:11:06

Yes, that's the one Welshboris! Don't start me off on a moan... I can't believe the way they just leave you tethered to the bed with a baby you can't pick up or even reach properly, whilst telling your partner to go home! If I hadn't fed 3 babies before, I'm sure I wouldn't still be feeding now.

Sorry thread tangent Sallystrawberry - I've never seen a snake on the Gower unless you count my ex of course!

Sallystrawberry Fri 10-Feb-06 22:33:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

runnyhabbit Wed 06-Sep-06 12:29:42

Hi Raro! I live near Bridgend and I've got a 16mth old son, who loves Planet Play in Bridgend Recreation centre. Can also recommend Merlins Castle - you can have a cuppa while your children wear themselves out out in the play area. Most libraries in Bridgend area have a read/song time one afternoon a week, just for young children - haven't been myself, but have heard its very good. If you can get there, JUMP in Cardiff (on Llanishen Industrial Estate, by the tax office) is brill. Try and go during the week though cos weekends are manic!

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