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1st trip to LEGOLAND - on opening weekend!! What do I need to know/do/take

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Blatherskite Mon 16-Jan-12 14:37:56

DS turns 5 in March. He is LEGO crazy as is DH. This year LEGOland in Windsor opens on his birthday weekend and as we had a load of Tesco vouchers to spend on passes, we decided we'd give it a go.

But we've never been before and I'm not sure what to expect.

It's quite a long drive from home to the park (about 1.5 hours) so we're planning to make the most of the trip and book a hotel nearby so that we can spend the whole weekend there. We'll have DD with us too who is just 2.

Are we crazy? Is the opening weekend going to be really busy? DD at 2 is not the best at queuing and she's not very tall either (about 80cms) is she going to spend the day watching DS go on stuff?, are we actually going to get on anything without taking out a new mortgage for those queue jumping passes? Would I be better off taking a picnic or is the food there OK? I can see picnic being do-able on the first day but it'll be harder on the Sunday when we've been in the hotel overnight.

All advice would be greatly appreciated.

Staverton Tue 21-Feb-12 18:34:32

Bump- did you go?

NickNacks Tue 21-Feb-12 18:41:54

It's not open yet so she's probably still welcoming help smile

brightwell Fri 24-Feb-12 06:49:22

We've always got there as close to opening time as poss & try to do the rides in the morning. We take a picnic and eat by the harbour while watching the show.
If the weathers nice/warm take swimming trunks & towel for your ds (for the water play area in Duplo land).

MummyPigandDaddyPig Sun 26-Feb-12 16:43:16

Top tips!

Try to park in the carpark furthest away ( the carpark attendants will try to direct you but if you can escape the herding go down to the shingle carpark and up to the top nearest the entrance and you will get a prime spot if you are early)

Prebook your tickets, and if you have tescovouchers there is usually a staffmember queuecombing, just grab them and they will take your vouchers there and then and swap them for tickets! Queing done!

Walk down dont take the hill train. Saves time queing and the walk is nice. The slides are fun going down the stairs too!

Your two year old if he is under 90 cm can only do about 6-7 of the rides as they are strict on height. Look on the map and choose what you want!

The Atlantis is always very busy so head there first to miss the queues. The worst queue seems to be the boating school, but there is lego to entertain the little ones.

Turn up for the Pirate of skeleton bay show early (20 mins approx before the start) and put down a picknick blanket a little to the right of the control booth on the corner. You now have loos behind you, handy. The show is brilliant and will be enjoyed by all. The harbour coffee shop does starbucks quality lattes, surprisingly good! Have your lunch infront of the show, its fab! And bring a picknick as food is ridiculously expensive.

The three little pigs puppet show is fab and again there is loos behind you when you get seated.

The waterplay area in Duploland is brilliant if its a warm day!

And do the Xchallenge waterslide LAST before you go home as its brilliant fun but you will have a WET BUM however much you try not to. Dont even bother sitting on a tesco bag you will get soaked, just get over it!

Definitly bring a change of clothes. For EVERYONE.

DONT be put off if the weather is crap, bring suitable clothes, (you can buy ponchos on site) and you will have NO QUEUES. When I have relatives visiting we always choose the day when it rains to do legoland and dressed appropriately you will have a fab day out!

Finish the day with and Icecream at PapaMoles and sit at the back of the icecream shop with fab views of the whole park and miniland and windsor castle and you will see the planes take off from Heathrow, the kids will love it!

Our fave rides ( have 3 yr old and 2 yr old) are: The Pirate Show, the Helicopters at Duplo land, the green train, the Duplo train (never any queues to speak of) Dino Safari, the Boating School and the Mini Drivers at the driving school.

The only ride I wouldnt bother with is the Lazer ride in the Egyptian area (Pharaos Kingdom? Cant remember what it is called at the mo) Its not worth the massive queues even if you can bring a baby on bord. Its just plain not a big fan of Balloon school either, dull...

Im sure plenty of people have more great tips too, but it is a great great day out!

Dont forget to bring a stroller for little ones, they will get exhausted. you can rent them on site but do you really want to spend 20 pounds on one?
And you will want your stroller to hold your picknick, blankets and spare clothes! And waterbottles drinks and snacks. And ponchos....and lego purchases from the gift shop.

Afterwards if you are going home leave half and hour before the rush to get out starts, otherwise you will spend hours queuing to get out of the carpark and down the hills towards the main road. Its very pretty and beautiful but not fun. If you go towards Windsor you will get stuck in traffic again but it does move again. Towards Ascot is usually better and a quicker route to get around Windsor.

If you want a nice meal after the day out the LOCH FYNE restaurant along the road to Ascot is Lovely and will treat your kids like royalty. The nearest MCDonalds is off the dual carriage way in Windsor heading to the M4, turn off for ETON just before the M4, follow the slip around and take a left towards slough and there is a nice MCD just next to the M4. Very easy you cannot miss it.

Have fun, we love it!

Blatherskite Sun 04-Mar-12 20:46:36

Wow MummyPig! Thank you.

We've not been yet as Legoland doesn't open until the 16th - we're going on the 17th so it could be really busy as it's the first Saturday it's open!

DS wants to take a picnic so I hope the weather is nicer than it has been today.

Loch Fyne is a brilliant suggestion as DS loves fish of all sorts. He'll be in heaven if we take him there after Legoland grin

Murtette Tue 13-Mar-12 21:55:59

Check out VoucherCodes (or one of those websites) as I'm sure there's a 25% off Loch Fyne voucher at the moment.

PurpleCrazyHorse Sat 14-Apr-12 11:13:28

Thanks MummyPig. We're thinking of going with DD (who's 2.8yo but 1m tall). Didn't want to waste an expensive day out if she couldn't do anything but she's free to get in while under 3yo smile Excellent, will give it a whirl in the spring.

I've spotted that there's 2 for 1 entry on Tesco squash if anyone is interested.

DP has taken DD1 there today meeting BIL there as it is his birthday treat to her. I'm home with a jarred back and DD2 (16weeks old).

seazy1 Wed 14-Nov-12 06:13:28

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