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Day out in Blackpool

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bunny27 Mon 24-Oct-11 11:05:00

we're taking our 9 yo DD to blackpool for the day at the end of the week and apart from visiting the sandcastle thought we'd visit the pleasure beach ( my idea of hell ) as she'd love it - have looked on site and it seems for 3 of us it would be £81 !!! i have found a voucher which would reduce the price to £54. Would this cost cover ALL of the rides ? also none of us will go on the big rides so can we get anything cheaper ? would really appreciate some help/advice on this? also our DS (aged 26) - yes very big age gap - may come - can we 'give' him out wristband for certin rides i.e. can we swap them ? also if someone wants to go on no rides at all do we need to still pay as someone mentioned £5. sorry to ask such basic questions but i cant find answers on the pleasure beach website - thanks

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