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Railway Children for a 4.5 year old (fairly well behaved) girl ?

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bringinghomethebacon Mon 17-Oct-11 14:35:49

Am looking for a half term treat for my DD1. I have taken her to the theatre before and she has been well-behaved. She is also generally angelic for an hour and ten minutes every Sunday in church. I am making this clear because I just did a search for the Railway Children on here and saw a complaining thread about a nightmare four year old boy who was sitting behind a mumsnetter grin
However I had thought that the story would be too old for her, but just went on the website to look havign seen a special offer for tickets, and the website says children over 2. Am surprised thought it would be more like 5+, but I thought we could read the story together before we go to deal with plot issues. Will she enjoy it, or should I save our pennies for Shrek / Lion King (more expensive, so we probably wouldn't go until Christmas).

areyoutheregoditsmemargaret Mon 17-Oct-11 14:47:04

Well, I took my then 4.3 yo to see it and she enjoyed it a lot. She was very well behaved but then she is generally good in the theatre/cinema - mummy has made it clear that is imperative!

However, I do also have a 6.6yo and it was mainly for her benefit we went and she got more out of it. We had also seen the film twice and I'd read them the book which dd2 in particular was very taken with it.So, yes, plot preparation is a must

When we went there were lots of fours and unders - most were angelic. One little boy hated it from the offset, he was clearly expecting Thomas not all this Edwardian mallarkey, but his dad took him out after about ten mins and is still no doubt cursing the £££ down the drain.

Enjoy, if you do go

bringinghomethebacon Mon 17-Oct-11 15:05:27

Great thanks for that. I think she will just be so chuffed to spend a day with me and no DD2 around (definitely not contemplating taking her - 18 monnths). Will get the book out of the library (and try to read it without crying at the Daddy my Daddy bit !). Will also see if she might watch the film of it beforehand - did you find that went down well with your four year old? I really want to see it so even if she doesn't get that much out of it plot wise, if she sits still will be a treat for me too !

areyoutheregoditsmemargaret Mon 17-Oct-11 19:21:58

If you'll enjoy it then deffo go for it.

The book is quite heavy going, language-wise,there is a simplified version which you'd prob be better off with - I did read the original to the girls but had to abridge hugely as I went along, which was a bit wearisome - dd2 loved the bit in the book where Peter puts a rake through his foot, which isn't in the film. She talked about if for about six months afterwards and she can only have been three at the time.

But the film is more accessible and the play lifts exactly from it, so if I were to choose one then go for the film. Hope you have a lovely time.

areyoutheregoditsmemargaret Mon 17-Oct-11 19:22:32

Oh, and btw, the girls love it when I cry at "Daddy, my Daddy", it's part of the fun now for them watching me for tears, so don;t hold back!

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