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Oxford family friendly restaurant?

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aloiseb Fri 14-Oct-11 00:35:43

I don't know if any local Oxford area MNers can help with my puzzle!

....I'm looking for the perfect family pub or restaurant in or around Oxford, for the extended family to have Sunday lunch together - the children are 11 -16 and 2 of them are veggies. They are a failrly noisy bunch, worse than toddlers when winding up Granny. Granny (who is paying) likes a traditional atmosphere and can't walk very far from the car.

It needs to have an English kind of menu (this can be the Taaj version of English food, as in "pizza and Chinese") and be around £15 per head. Our former venue of choice was the Linton Lodge, but we have made the place too hot to hold us we'd like to try somewhere else for a change.

snailoon Fri 14-Oct-11 00:51:09

We like the Nosebag near Cornmarket. but there are stairs up to it. It is small (so might be full at the most popular times), with really tasty food, and lots of veggie options, and it is relaxed but classy in a good way.
The crypt (St Mary's church) has great food, but might be too crowded inside for you. On a nice day you sit outside in one of the most beautiful spots in Oxford, and the kids can climb the tower after lunch and get the most spectacular view of Oxford.

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