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Abbotsbury Enchanted Gardens/Swannery.

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serin Mon 10-Oct-11 21:54:21

£32 for family admission.
I have tesco vouchers but is it worth using them? Kids are 14,10 and 9, will they be bored rigid?

UniS Mon 10-Oct-11 22:50:36

As its for all the abbotsbury visitor attractions it looks pretty good value

Do they like gardens? The sub tropical gardens is a nice place for a wander, the cafe is OK. but not much "action" , last time I was there no playground, but a nice sculpture trail. good views of the sea from highest point. If you can get into the enchanted garden evening sessions with your ticket that should be good. Those gardens look fantastic with good lighting.
The Barn is interesting.
I've not been to the swannery but it sounds interesting esp if you get timing right for talks/ feeding.
Not been to the childrens farm, but its got playground & soft play as well as animals to pet and feed etc.
Walking up to St Catherines is nice on a fine day and eerie on a foggy one.

If your in the area- yes. If you have to travel more than an hour each way, No.

serin Tue 11-Oct-11 19:26:09

Thanks, yes we will be in the area over half term. The enchanted gardens look good to me, the kids do like gardens but would much rather be scrambling up mountains/fishing to be honest. They all adore wildlife so much that we frequently book holidays around bird migrations, I don't know whether captive swans will interest them, they will me though!. That said they do like marton mere smile

This is the problem with Tesco, have to book well in advance.

UniS Tue 11-Oct-11 21:28:46

not very captive those swans. if you have bird likers in the family it'll be fine. the lagoon behind Chesil beach is a bird hot spot.

If you visit the garden, check out the gardeners bothy.

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