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Best museum for Roman stuff - central London?

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AChickenCalledKorma Thu 22-Sep-11 08:45:48

We have inset days next week. DD1 is gripped by this term's topic, which is Romans. I'd like to take her to one of the big London museums to see some actual Roman stuff. Needs to include mosaics, as she has to make one before half term.

Anyone been there and done that and able to advise where to go. I see Museum of London has a Roman area. Presumably the British Museum and V&A do as well. Can only do one, as I've promised to let DD2 seek sharks at the aquarium the same day!!!

notnowImreading Thu 22-Sep-11 08:50:20

Try the Museum of London - bit smaller than BM and good range of exhibits.

Katisha Thu 22-Sep-11 08:50:55

I will immediately unhelpfully suggest somewhere out of London, but if you can get to St Albans (not too far north) Verulamium is good and not too big.
It has mosaics.

IHateDailyMail Thu 22-Sep-11 13:21:02

MOL is brilliant, has Roman London stuff and also London in other ages too. Lots for kids of all ages, and parents, and a nice picnic room and a cafe and several toilets! If you search their website you can find schools activity sheets which might help your DD get the most out of the visit.

Verulamium also amazing - is all Roman and has stuff about Roman life, real mosaics, a hypocaust. Local schools all use it for their school trips when studying Romans.

AChickenCalledKorma Thu 22-Sep-11 15:51:26

Thanks everyone. Think we'll go for Museum of London. Verulanium does look amazing, but we're on the south side of London so it would be a bit of an epic trip for a day out. Maybe in the holidays, if her interest lasts that long!

GrimmaTheNome Thu 22-Sep-11 15:56:52

I've never been to MOL, but a few weeks ago I read a rave review about this iphone app - might add an extra level of interest for anyone who's got an iphone.

AChickenCalledKorma Thu 22-Sep-11 16:04:16

Grimma that does look very cool indeed!

kiwibella Fri 23-Sep-11 12:50:29

and the London Wall runs along to the museum.

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