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ngrundy Sun 18-Sep-11 09:10:02

Yesterday I took my 9 month nephew to Whitby for the day. We made to enter Janes Rock Shop on Bridge Street in Whitby and were told wer not allowed in as we had a pushchair. I questioned why this was the case (the shop was empty and very spacious) and was given vague h&s twoddle. I then queried why a sweet shop would ban children and probably 20% of whitbys visitors and was screamed at to get out and that she would ban who she wanted. I left the shop door ( I had never actually got in) and the shop keeper chased me up the street , pointed in my face and screamed that if I came near her shop again she would 'smack me in the face'.
I was tremendously embarrased and am absolutely furious at the womans 'child ban' and violent reaction, espcially when throughout I had a 9 month old baby with me. I implore all the mums out there to boycot this shop! I spoke to the police who actually confirmed that yes she can ban who she wants ! I am astounded that this blatant discrimination is acceptable! Come on fellow pushchair users BOYCOT these shops - unfortunatly this is one of many!

LynetteScavo Sun 18-Sep-11 09:12:08

Pushchair users won't need to boycott the shop, because they are already banned. confused

LynetteScavo Sun 18-Sep-11 09:13:58

The door, for those who are interested

Rock is the work of the devil anyway. <<boak>>

ngrundy Sun 18-Sep-11 09:27:29

Thanks Lynette , nice to have your support. Do you own the shop?

LynetteScavo Sun 18-Sep-11 09:38:24

No I don't own the shop; if I owned the rock shop it would be called Lynette's Rock Shop.

But as I said rock is the work of the why would I own a rock shop? confused

And why would I bump a post slating my rock shop and letting everyone know what a nutter I am? grin

ngrundy Sun 18-Sep-11 09:44:38

I'm abit confused here, I logged onto and signed up to mumsnet on the assumption that I would be able to vent my spleen with with some people who would appreciate why I was so annoyed with this discrimination - what do I get silly sarcastic comments. Please comment on somebody elses post.

cookcleanerchaufferetc Sun 23-Oct-11 06:23:09

Bumping this as the owner sounds like a nutter and should be avoided ..... Surely this must be disciminatory ..... What if your dc was disabled?

TheRealMBJ Sun 23-Oct-11 06:46:34

The owner sounds nuts, agreed. But why would you take a 9 month old into a Rock shop anyway? It's not like he can/should eat the stuff

SemperUbiSubUbi Sun 23-Oct-11 06:49:56

OP MN isn't here for you to come and bitch about stuff and have everyone agree to do as you ask, hmm

Did you mistake us with netmums?

It does sound very unrealistic but as lunettes says you ant really boycott somewhere if you're already banned can you? I dont agree with banning prams but can see why they have done, it looks to be a small shop.

Anyway it's not as I'd they are banning wheelchairs...

To be honest you lost me at faking a 9 month s on a day trip confused

Kayzr Sun 23-Oct-11 06:50:17

I've been in loads of times. I just leave pushchair outside and takes the DSs in. Never had a problem. It clearly says no pushchairs so don't take it in.

She shouldn't have been angry with you but she's allowed to say no pushchairs. If you decide to ignore it that's not her fault.

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