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Visiting York for a short break -any tips, budget to stick to....

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bigeyes Sun 28-Aug-11 11:42:20

Hi DH, DS(5) and I are staying 4 nights just outside of York, self catering cottage.

Food: we plan to have sandwiches everyday, have clubcard vouchers for Pizza Express and Cafe Rouge. Keeping cooking to baked potatoes/soup/salads

Travel: Tank full of fuel - would like advice on park and ride

Days out: planning a trip to beach, which one is best? We have days out vouchers from clubcard to use for Yorvic, and we know the national railway museum is free. - Any advice about these attractions or suitable alternatives - DS is 5 and I am 15 wks pg so no hikes!

Food and fuel paid for + 2 meals with vouchers and days out vouchers The rest of our spending is £100 this has to cover incidentals like coffees, no presents to buy.

Any tips most welcome, thanks smile

CappuccinoCarrie Sun 28-Aug-11 11:50:12

York is great!
The railway museum is free and great fun - don't park in their overpriced car park though, use one of the council ones slightly further away (Esplanade is nearest).
I've not done Jorvik, there are often long queues though and I think its a bit of a marmite experience - maybe look up some on-line reviews?
The central library in town has a coffee shop right by the children's section grin.
Walking the walls is a great way to see the city but it depends how good your 5yo is at following instructions and not walking near the edge and giving you a heart attack. I'd take my 4yo DD up there quite happily if that helps.
I've never used the park and ride as I'm walking distance from town, but it seems to run quite frequently.
I prefer Filey beach to Scarborough (no tat on the beach front) but when the tide comes in it comes all the way in, whereas Scarborough always has sand showing. Both are great days out. Absolutely do not bother with Scarborough sea life centre though.
Will see what else I can think of.... smile

VivaLeBeaver Sun 28-Aug-11 11:54:15

Jorvik is shit, that's the best advice I can give you about York.

I've used the park and ride at the Discount shopping place and it was fine, think they're all pretty much the same as each other so just pick the nearest one. Buses are regular.

CappuccinoCarrie Sun 28-Aug-11 12:01:46

Ooh yes the playground at the Designer Outlet is great (and right by the entrance where Gap and Starbucks are wink) as its undercover - perfect for very hot or very wet weather! Then you can get the P&R into town from there.

kitya Sun 28-Aug-11 12:07:22

I second Jorvik, its dire. Its not even worth a fiver. The castle museum is fab Go to the lovely food market in the Shambles and eat all the samples. For seaside, you cant beat Scarborough.

HarrietJones Sun 28-Aug-11 12:09:23

I think we had a discount card or something like that when we went. York card? Does that mean anything to anyone?

CappuccinoCarrie Sun 28-Aug-11 12:19:51

You have to live in York to qualify for a York card - its your library card and it does get you in free to loads of stuff including the Castle Museum (which is great).

Avantia Sun 28-Aug-11 12:48:49

Book a table ahead in Pizza Express - when we went to York we had a 40 min wait at Pizza Express - although staff are really good and friendly .

Jorvik centre = you can book a slot ahead - but not sure whether you can use vouchers for that.

Castle is very good .

Check whether horse racing is on the day you go into York - just in case of any conjestion etc.

HarrietJones Sun 28-Aug-11 12:55:21

Ah you didn't have to live there when we got one.

VivaLeBeaver Sun 28-Aug-11 23:01:59

Ask in York is in the most beautiful building if you want pizza one day.

LawrieMarlow Sun 28-Aug-11 23:31:01

Use the park and ride - £2.30 for adult and up to two children. Depending on which direction you're coming from there are a few different park and rides - five different ones altogether.

Going round the walls is good fun.

Castle Museum and Yorkshire Museum both v good although not sure how much they cost (am York resident so have York card and so don't have to pay).

There are tour buses but don't know how much they are. Think river trips are quite expensive too.

Weather a little changeable at the moment - bring waterproofs grin

bigeyes Mon 29-Aug-11 11:11:53

thabks all weve sacked yorvic and replaced with castle museum weve worked out park n rides for this and national rail museum


bigeyes Wed 31-Aug-11 10:10:27

Hello we are here...

Went to the natinal railway museum on bank holiday mon - it was lovely and relaxed, not too busy, park and ride efficient.

Arrived at cottage - absolutely superb, would recommend if looking for luxury cottage - PM if anyone wants details I'll not 'advertsie on here'!

Went to the castle museum it was great DS(5) understood about old things and the past, it just seems to have clicked and he really loved it especially the prison cells, he has 'made' a museum out of paper this AM

We are having a drive to the coast today, looks like wellies not beachwear.

I never used any of my Days Out vouchers from tesco clubcard in the end, so have a few for back home - wished I'd known could have swapped them for double value tokens for xmas presents.

Thanks again all.

CappuccinoCarrie Wed 31-Aug-11 20:12:42

Glad you're enjoying this beautiful city! smile

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