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Legoland tomorrow - am I mad?

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Lockey Mon 22-Aug-11 21:17:45

My husband has a day off work tomorrow and we are thinking of taking DC - 5 and 8 for a day out. Are we mad to consider Legoland, it is meant to be a wettish day so I thought it may be abit quieter? Other option is Warwick Castle, but Legoland is abit closer (we are in Buckinghamshire). We have never been to Warwick castle, but been to legoland once. We have kellogs vouchers which I believe work for both? Does anyone have any opinion?

PotPourri Mon 22-Aug-11 21:21:34

Oh you'll love it! We are going later in the year. Great place

curlytoes Mon 22-Aug-11 21:53:15

We have a season ticket to legoland and go lots. The queues are generally much better first thing. We do rides in the morning. Then we have a picnic lunch by the lake watching the pirate show which my kids love. In the afternoon we do stuff that you don't have to queue for, the splashpad, (we're soft and take little wetsuits), the playparks, building stuff with Lego in the discovery zone, pottering round miniland etc. We have had some great, fairly stress free days out. Enjoy.

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