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Bristol Zoo whats the cheapest way of doing it?

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Hther Sat 20-Aug-11 09:31:53

I am travelling to Bristol Zoo by train from Oxford. A friend and my four children going with me. Two children are disaled so will get a discount.

First great western trains offer a 2 for 1 offer on admission (with the cheaest admission ticket free). However, the First buses also sell tickets that coffer adission which give you discount on entry.

Does anyone know the best way of doing this do I pay for admission when I get the train or when I get the bus? (I do have a family and friends railcard)

And do you need to take proofod DLA with you for disabled discount? They won't answer the phone!

Hther Sat 20-Aug-11 09:35:08

oh and I wouldnt have to pay for the youngest two children on the bus as they are under 5

crazymum53 Fri 26-Aug-11 16:58:06

I would say that the 2 for 1 deal is the best. The number 8 bus goes from Temple Meads station to the zoo entrance and has fairly cheap fares.
You can reduce the entry fee by opting out of the "donation" option which is often automatically added to the ticket price!
I may be wrong but believe that the disabled discount only applies to adults.
Food is fairly expensive so take your own packed lunch - this is allowed.
Hope this helps and you have a good day!

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