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Hampton Court with girls aged 6

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MonkeyJungleConga Sun 07-Aug-11 20:22:15

Can anyone give me any pointers on what to do at Hampton Court tomorrow? What is the best thing to go and look round with children of this age? Also what is the food like in the cafe etc.

reallytired Sun 07-Aug-11 20:26:14

They will have a lovely time. There is a maze and the gardens are beautiful. Its worth looking on the website to see if they have any events on.

The food at Hampton court is quite expensive. You would be better to take a picnic or eat at one of the near by restuarants.

tranquilitygardens Wed 10-Aug-11 06:59:40

I hope you had a nice time Monkey. It seems quite a big place, does it take a long time to around the palace, and how long do you think it takes to go around the gardens?

MonkeyJungleConga Wed 10-Aug-11 18:05:36

We had a totally brilliant time. We got the family audio thing and the children all dressed up in Tudor cloaks which they loved. We did the kitchens and Henry VIII's apartments. The kids don't know much about history and only know the bare bones of the Tudor period so we didn't bother with all the William & Mary stuff, which we can save for another visit when they're older.

Then we had a quick spot of lunch and went and saw a 30 minute demo of how the queen got dressed which was dramatised very well indeed and there was the option to see another dramatisation about subterfuge and deception in the Tudor court but that would have been lost of them so we did the gardens instead. We had great fun getting lost in the maze! We took our own food to keep costs down. Adult and 2 kids with one adult guide book and one kids guide book (4.99 each) and it was £41 it total so quite pricey but we were there for at least 5 hours and we were going at some pace rather than just mooching around looking at stuff. The kids guide book is very good IMO. There's a pic of Henry VII"s loo in it (cue: much hilarity) and DD wants me to make the recipe for Tudor milk jelly that's in there. Boak.

A great day out and thoroughly recommend it. smile

tranquilitygardens Thu 11-Aug-11 21:19:16

That is good to hear that you had such a good time.

I heard that the kitchens are working as my youngest went with school years ago and thought it was great, I was hoping to do that area.

glad you recomend it!

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