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Chessington... is it worth getting a past pass?

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gillybean2 Fri 05-Aug-11 16:00:41

The fast pass is £50 each and seems to give unlimited entry to everything all day. The downside is that £100 for both of us and they'll only let us buy it for 1 of the 2 days we're staying for. So I figure we may get it for the second day and spend the first day queueing...

The alternative is the cheaper fast passes. Can anyone advise what is best to go for? We'll be going next week (school holidays) so assume it will be busy...

It worth the money for the unltimate fast pass (£100) or is it just as good to get one of the other passes ie
1) £14 for us both to have a fast pass which lets you go on The Vampire and Dragon's Fury ONCE only each
2) £16 for us both to have one fast pass on each of Tomb Blaster, Bubbleworks, Dragon Falls & Runaway Train ONCE only each

gillybean2 Fri 05-Aug-11 16:01:14

sorry should of said fast pass in title!

piellabakewell Mon 08-Aug-11 11:00:30

I'd never buy the Ultimate, it's just a ridiculous amount of money. Are you familiar with the rides? Some aren't busy because they aren't that good! The Vampire and Dragon's Fury are worth doing and have horrendous queues so I'd prioritise those. Tomb Blaster is quiet if you're early.

gillybean2 Thu 11-Aug-11 16:24:04

Thanks for the reply smile

Well I bought the ultimate fast pass for our second day and I have to say I felt it was worth it, although agree it was ridiculous money.

The first day I only bought the shorter fast pass that lets you go on a few of the rides one time. We ended up queueing for a long time for several rides and it was tedious (but you expect these things at a theme park). We went on some rides a couple of times (where we got there early enough that the queue wasn't long so used fast pass later on) but didn't get to do everything as some queue were just to long.

The second day we got in early as we were staying at the hotel, and then used the fast passes. It was so nice to be able to just walk on and off anything. We did quite a few of the rides several times and did absolutely all the rides, including ones we hadn't bothered with the day before.

If we go again I think we will just go for the one day and spend the money on a fast pass rather than the hotel. Thought the hotel was pretty fab too and ds loved the zebras, onyx etc which he could see from our room.

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