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Treasure Island at Bristol Old Vic

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chubbleigh Wed 03-Aug-11 12:54:48

We went to see it last night, it's fab, recommended by me for children of 7+. You can dress up to get into the spirit of things, you can hear seagulls all around you which adds to the atmosphere, the production is really good, funny, moody - especially the music.

The £7 seats would be Ok if you couldn't afford to see it otherwise but I would say this is worth £22 or £26 especially compared to some other kids things I have seen that cost the same or more. Plenty of swashbuckling for your £££.


belgo Wed 03-Aug-11 12:56:34

Yes it looked great, we walked past it, and could see and hear the music. We weren't in Bristol long enough to get tickets to see it for real.

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