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size restrictions on rides at paultons

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bubbub Tue 26-Jul-11 15:28:34

hello, just a quickie, taking my two girls to paultons/peppa pig world on thurs, and im worried im not gonna get on the rides with them, i lost 4 st last year and made it to alton and thorpe as a size 16 and it was fab, have since gone back to a size 22 and im worried im gonna get there on thursday and find there are rides i cant squeeze on. anyone of ample arseage been there? i know there is still a load to do there, but dd1 is a thrill seeker (at 4) and will want to go on all the rides she can (and so will i!)
am i setting self up for a bit of embarrament?
there are no test seats like in thorpe and no size requirements on the website.

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