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2 days in legoland can i get away with not paying for qbot?

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frazzled74 Sat 23-Jul-11 20:50:26

how long do i need to be prepared to queue for rides such as driving school? will i pack most things in to 2 days without qbot, bearing in mind ds and dd arent very adventurous with rides and are most looking forward to the underwater one and driving school. I would rather not pay out any more but am prepared to get qbot for 1 day if necessary. (cant help feeling that that money could fund another 2 outings over hols though!) advice please???

duckyfuzz Sat 23-Jul-11 20:57:40

We did at half term, waited ages for some rides, but end of day 1 and early day 2 no queues at all

nannynick Sun 24-Jul-11 14:04:42

Yes it should be fine, as long as you are prepared to queue for say 45 mins.
It really seems to vary day to day - Friday this week was very quiet it seemed, hardly had any queues, whereas Monday last week was really busy.

As you are there for 2 days, you can prioritise which rides to do first each day, thus get on them when the queues are at their shortest - assuming you arrive for opening time.

Boating School and Driving School always seem to have queues - so if they want to do driving school, do that first. Atlantis can have a long queue line but it has a high throughput (over 1000 people per hour) so the queue while looking long may not take that long... max I've queued for is 35 mins and the queue was going out of the main queue line and down the hill to DinoSafari.

If you are going on your own with DS and DD, keep in mind that quite a lot of the rides are 1 adult 1 child. Also take into account minimum height restrictions on some rides.

nannynick Sun 24-Jul-11 14:08:19

If it is of help, I did a guide for a parent who had two young children recently (one child was under 1m but over 0.9m).


Longboat Invader, Spinning Spider
Scarab-bouncers, Desert Chase, Aero Nomad
Orient Expedition, Atlantis Submarine Voyage
Boating School, Balloon School, Fire Academy
Fairy Tale Brook, Duplo Train, Sky Rider

I would strongly suggest avoiding Fire Academy, it's hard work on the adult!

I would suggest the following route might be good for you based on the
above rides.

From entrance, head to Pit Stop Cafe and take the path down the hill
to Land of the Vikings.
Go past River Splash and follow the path down to Longboat Invader.
Longboat Invader is a boat ride which swings back and forth and turns
Next go to Spinning Spider which is just a short way down the path.
There are toilets near should they be needed.
Next make your way to Atlantis Submarine Voyage. From Spinning Spider
go up the path towards the Lego City but keep on going past Hill Train
and then down past Fire Academy. Then take the path next to Boating
School and go under the bridge and then over the railway. Queues for
Atlantis can be very long as it is a new ride but the ride can take
over 1000 people an hour, so the queue even at it's longest will
typically only be max of 40 minutes. We have queued from the toilet
block (down the hill from Atlantis) and have queued for around 35mins
from that point. The ride is constantly moving, so do not take
anything on it with you except essentials like a sun hat, drink, snack
- queue line is outdoors. Boarding the submarine can be scary for
young children, so be prepared to tell them to get a move on down the
steps. The best view is from the seats immediately to the left or
right of the steps, not the ones around the back. You don't get a lot
of choice where to sit alas when it's busy.

Depending what time it is, make your way to Lego City harbour for the
Pirate Stunt Show (12pm, 2pm, 4pm - with extra show at 1pm during
holiday periods) or up to Duplo Theatre for the puppet show (11.30,
12.30, 2.30, 4.30 - extra at 3.30 during holiday periods). There is
just about time to get from Duplo Theatre to the Pirate Stunt Show so
if say you got to puppet show for 11.30am show, you could make the
12pm stunt show.

Watching the shows can be a good opportunity to have a snack / packed
lunch. There is limited shade at the harbour, so if sunny make sure
lots of sun cream on. We typically try to sit on the top steps on
the left side, thus under cover of some trees. Also means I'm near
the buggy as that can't be taken down the steps.

Next head to Duplo. Fairy Tale Brook, Duplo Train and the playground
are all things you may wish to do.

From Duplo you can continue up the hill to MiniLand and look at the models.

If it is wet, head up to the Build & Test workshops, though if they
are open is dependent on if they are being used by pre-booked groups
such as schools/cubs/brownies etc.

From MiniLand you could head down towards Kingdom of the Pharaohs and
do Desert Chase (merry-go-round) and possibly Aero Nomad (tends to
have quite a long queue).
Scarab-Bouncers the 3 year old I care for likes to watch but not go
on, so you may younger children may not want to go on it - take a
look, it's in the big tent via the right entrance.

At any stage when you feel the need for a rest and to let the children
run about, go to Pirates Training Camp. Head towards the wooden
structure and slightly to the left, so you go under and round to the
back where there are wooden boats to play on. It has recycled car
tyres underneath so not great to sit on though does cushion any fall.

When it is time to leave either take the hill train, or walk up the
hill past Land of Vikings. It's quite steep but much faster than
going via MiniLand.

Ticketing - there are various ticket schemes, such as Tesco Clubcard
Reward Vouchers and other discount tokens. Tokens will need to be
exchanged at the ticket booth (and you will need a carpark ticket £2).
For Tesco Vouchers at busy times there may be someone going down
queue lines at the booths who can exchange the voucher for a ticket -
you can then buy carpark ticket as you leave from Guest Services.
If not using any vouchers of any kind, then use Print At Home facility
on the Legoland Website to print your tickets (and car park ticket) so
that you don't then need to queue at the ticket booths. Print At Home
sheets work in the turnstyles.

nannynick Sun 24-Jul-11 14:12:02

If you want more of a guide as to what would be suitable for your children, please let me know how old they are and their heights. Also if you will be going on your own, or if you will have another adult with you - if you have 1 adult 1 child it is easier. Though I have taken 3 children on my own and the children still liked it, even though it restricted rides greatly.

However you will find that the Legoland website contains lots of ride information with regard to things like height restrictions.

MillieMummy Sat 13-Aug-11 14:16:01

Anyone else got any good advice for Legoland (other than don't go)?

Is is worth getting Q-bots for DC's who are 4 and 8?

We are doing two days, am I naive to think that the end of day 1 and beginning of day 2 will not be too busy?

nannynick Sat 13-Aug-11 16:53:53

If you are going for 2 days... don't use Q-bot on day 1. Then see how things are and do Q-bot if you feel it's worth it on day 2.

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