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Recommendations for 24hrs in London??

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Mandy21 Wed 20-Jul-11 09:00:53

I'll be in London for literally 24 hours next week with my 3 children - 2 x 6 year olds and a 2 year old. We're going to squeeze the London Eye in the evening, and then we have the following day there (need to be back at Euston by about 4pm) - we'll be staying close to Wimbledon.

Any suggestions as to what we can do? Was thinking of a whistle stop tour of the Natural History Museum but any suggestions welcome.


Mandy21 Mon 25-Jul-11 16:25:35

any suggestions?!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 25-Jul-11 16:30:09

I think the Science Museum might be better than NHM for littlies tbh - but it could be v crowded.

Baby2b Mon 25-Jul-11 16:42:01

The Nhm is perfect. I took my little sisters to both museums a few years ago and Nhm won hands down. Take a pack lunch or pick up something on the way though as the food is very expensive and there aren't many alternatives.

If the weather is really nice I would head to one of the parks.

HTH smile

Baby2b Mon 25-Jul-11 16:44:43

Oh, I also went on a boat trip to greenwich with nephew (3) and niece (6). Nephew loved it, but niece spent whole time on nintendo ds!

AandRMum Tue 26-Jul-11 19:42:47

If it is a warm day, you can't do better than a trip to the V&A. They have backpacks in the Sackler Wing, which have great art projects and puzzles to do perfect for the 6 year olds - they also have sound blocks with animals on them for the 2 year old to play with. After that, if you take bathers or a change of clothes, it has one of the best paddling pools in London. You can eat on the grass next to the water and the shop has great jewelry!

frazzled74 Thu 28-Jul-11 23:40:16

buckingham palace in the morning (just look from the outside) then the diana memorial playground in kensington gardens followed by trafalger square. If its bad weather, science museum.

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