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New forest help walks and where to eat

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TheHumanCatapult Sun 03-Jul-11 14:40:08

Since we got couple days in Dorset end of month , were going to head down bit early and have got couple cheap nights at lymington premier inn .

Were going to lyndhursyt one of teh days to scatter my nans ashes at the bench as she is orginally from new forest and we also scattered my dads there to.

But any recommendations for somewhere nice to eat needs garden ideally and wheelchair access also any must do`s not peppa pig world as were already going there later in week after Dorset .Also any good walks

be me , dd (8) ds3(6) me ( the akward one due to wheelchair ~) ds2 who be 14 and my mum and step dad .Will ahve power chair so can get around and it handles rough ground with no problem

LIZS Sun 03-Jul-11 17:48:57

There is a visitors centre in Lyndhurst which should be able to advise you about accessible walks. iirc the deer enclosure at Bolderwood has prepared paths to the viewing platform.

TheHumanCatapult Sun 03-Jul-11 18:08:25

Ty .

Will try giving them a call .Has been a long time since have been to the new forest

not so worried about prepared paths as will take the beast so will get over most surfaces and loads of hills .Checks the seatbelt works by then or ~I shall be like my name if to fast over abump

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