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Monkey world /where to stay where else to

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TheHumanCatapult Wed 22-Jun-11 09:54:44

Ds3 has got a trip coming up to Monkey world ( he is monkey mad) tickets etc are being oranised by a charity .But be to far in one day .what else is there near by and can anyone reccomend hotel/bandB/cottage to stay at but it does need to be wheelchair accesible

thank you

tallwivglasses Thu 23-Jun-11 00:19:06

Oh I'm jealous! Watching this space grin

TheHumanCatapult Fri 24-Jun-11 15:28:22


tallwivglasses Sat 25-Jun-11 00:56:47

Okay THC, let's go mainstream - do you fancy reposting on chat? sn?

TheHumanCatapult Sat 25-Jun-11 06:36:24

lets risk it and im going for chat , dons tin hat at referance to charitys wink

UnderTheStars Mon 27-Jun-11 22:18:02

If you can choose at a late stage, then pick your day for Monkey World depending on the weather. We went on a very hot day and the animals were mostly snoozing. On the other hand I've heard that when it's raining they mostly stay indoors. Can't win, eh?

While we were there my husband went to Bovington Tank Museum. Not my thing, but he thought it was good, and the website says it is all accessible.

We also went to Studland beach, which was lovely. As it's National Trust you get toilets & café, and they say they have beach wheelchairs available at their visitors centre (though I admit that sounds like hard work).

No personal recommendations for accommodation, but we stayed at a Dorset Coastal Cottages property. Some do short breaks and you can search for those that have downstairs bedroom and bathroom.

TheHumanCatapult Wed 29-Jun-11 06:41:59

Thank you

The tank museum looks really good the dc will love it .Sadly have checked and the beach wheelchairs are the ones where someone has to push you so no good .

And unfortunatley I can not pick the day as it is arranged between the charity (make a wish ) and monkey world .DS3 will get abehind the scenes tour as well so hopefully we shall see them no matter what .It was the charity wanting to knwo what else we would liek to do and any preferance for where to stay .

saldy the cottages are not accessible , so think it will need to be a premier inn or travel lodge

TheHumanCatapult Wed 29-Jun-11 11:19:32

well sorted out what else we are doing see post about peppa pig world ;)

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