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where can I go in the East Midlands to treat my friend?

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mollysmum82 Tue 03-May-11 13:25:50

My best friend is turning 30 soon and I'd like to do something special for her, such as going for a spa and then dinner and drinks. I haven't lived in Nottingham for long so I wondered if anyone had any suggestions of where to go or other ideas? Many thanks

compo Tue 03-May-11 13:58:12

You could go to Ragdale Hall

or if you wanted to take her out for the day chatsworth is lovely ( in Derbyshire)

dinner and drinks somewhere trendy in the lace Market or by the canal opposite the train station

compo Tue 03-May-11 13:59:24

mollysmum82 Sat 28-May-11 20:16:29

Thank you so much Compo, Ragdale looks amazing! They've also got a special offer on at the mo so I've booked in , so excited!

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