x2 Alton towers tickets to swap via the Sun

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sparklemummy Sun 27-Mar-11 11:14:29

Hi I sent for the free x2 adult tickets for alton towers through the sun newpaper. I'm looking for someone who is happy to swap dates, mine are are for the 19/may Thursday and we are not able to go on these dates now ? If you have some to swap please message me to org.

VoixDeVille Thu 31-Mar-11 20:32:20

hi Sparklemummy!

i have tickets for friday the 6th of may - and i am unable to go on this date.

The 19th of May is my boyfriend's birthday aswell, so i would love that date!

If you would like to swap please send me a message on facebook - my name is Cat Habanero, and we can organize it.

Thanks so much :D xxx

Fans71 Fri 01-Apr-11 08:10:37

I hae tickets for Sunday 26 June. It was my 5th choice and not great for me. I would prefer a weekday. Preferably a Monday or Friday.

sparklemummy Mon 11-Apr-11 09:45:48

Hi Fans71

I would be interested in a swap, my tickets are for a thursday 19th may mail me on paxgraham@hotmail.com


Bridgetchazy Sun 01-May-11 20:16:49

Hi I have 2 tickets for Alton towers for the 25th of June would like to swop for 24th if eney one out there have them thank you

taylorji Wed 25-May-11 20:49:36

I have 2 Alton Towers tickets for 15th September and would like to swapt for a weekend day or school holidays please.
Please email me at stetay@gmail.com Thanks

pricemi Fri 01-Jul-11 09:12:08

I love Alton Towers but I find it expensive. Today I just bought a 50% of Alton Towers Discount Voucher at www.4youdeals.co.uk/uk/discount/birmingham/birmingham-50-percent-off-day-ticket-toalton-towers-resort-for-adult-save-16-pound good value and I wish there was more of these vouchers around for UK theme parks

Lisarumford Wed 28-Mar-12 21:21:48

Hi we have Monday 14th may
Is that any good ?
Please message me 07912746177

PapaJupe Thu 19-Apr-12 11:01:26

2 free alton towers tickets from the sun for 15th of june, want to swap for the 13th of june if poss?

Bellla Thu 03-May-12 11:10:56

Hi PapaJupe I have tickes for Saturday 7th July - I can't go on this day so i'd be happy to swap with you or anyone else who can?

JamesMckendrick88 Sun 19-May-13 16:01:06

I have 2 free tickets of the sun for Tuesday 21st of may I'd like to swap for a weekend ticket?
Email: mckendrick88@live.co.uk
Reply ASAP

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