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winter wonderland in Hydepark for 3 year old?

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rainbowcat Sun 19-Dec-10 16:13:46

Would she love it or would it be too much for her? I have never been but it looks great so was thinking of taking 3 year old and 10 year old. Let me know if I'm mad. THe 3 year old loves ballet as well so if you know of any little ballet shows please let me know. Thank you.

london0hull4 Mon 20-Dec-10 10:15:30

We took our 3 year old DS a couple of weeks ago and he absolutely loved it.

theory Mon 20-Dec-10 10:19:52

We took 2 year old DD for the morning a few weeks ago and had a great time. Went to the circus at 11 (which she found a bit scary, but ok) and then we stuck to the area with rides for smaller kids. We also had lunch in a decent-- and very well-heated!-- cafe.

rainbowcat Wed 29-Dec-10 10:01:06

that sounds good! We might still go just with my three year old. I didn't go in case it was horribly expensive..

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