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What's the best swimming pool in the greater Manchester area?

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MaryMotherOfCheeses Sat 18-Dec-10 22:14:59

As in, for families?

Is there one with slides and stuff?

carocaro Sat 18-Dec-10 22:53:24

There are little elephant slides in the Aquatic Centre they built for the Commonwealth Games, they do kids fun sessions with toys at stuff at certain times.

There is also a big water park place with masses of slides etc in Stoke on Trent, make it a day trip, not too far on the M6!

serin Sat 18-Dec-10 23:17:13

Waterworld is the name of the place at Stoke.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sat 18-Dec-10 23:22:50

Thank you. Sadly I wasn't thinking as far as Stoke. We'll be in North Manchester but near the ring road so as far south as macclesfield, or as far north as Bury would be fine.

Also, DS is 9, I should have said.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sun 19-Dec-10 10:40:28


carocaro Sun 19-Dec-10 23:53:12

Then no, nothing really! Pools at Knutsford, Wilmslow and Macc have sod all and are vile. Northwich has one water slide which is open now and then.

said Sun 19-Dec-10 23:58:39

There's a big one in Hyde

MaryMotherOfCheeses Mon 20-Dec-10 10:24:27


Think I've spotted a gap in the market!

Thanks all.

CharlotteBronteSaurus Mon 20-Dec-10 10:27:37

aquatic centre has the most fun stuff
although parking is pretty horrific round there.
DH and DD always go to Bury - parking is easy, and apparently the pool is clean and perfectly servicable. Bury's also a really short hop from North Mcr.

festiveflashingmammaries Mon 20-Dec-10 10:38:37

hyde leisure pool is ace ...... otherwise ( a bit further afield) Waves in blackburn and there is one called the dome in doncaster that does a swim and skate deal worth travelling for.

just remember to check that you have enough adults in your party as most of them have stupid bathing policies that can prevent you from getting in!

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