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Can we have a Lovely Loos of the UK thread?

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MmeLindt Mon 06-Sep-10 11:38:54

Following on from the disabled loo thread, I thought it might be nice if we shared our knowledge of decent loos, and why we like them.

Probably not much use to you lot, but if you go to Morzine Avoriaz, there is a cafe called Berits and Brown on the main street. They are very child friendly, with baby changing in the small toilet, big bin for nappies, nice smelly soap.

Am I the only person who gets a little thrill when she goes into a Nice Loo?

sunfunandmum Mon 06-Sep-10 11:49:02

I love lovely loos too. My current favourites are the ones just above the beach at Frinton on sea. very clean, spacious and dyson hand dryers!

Alambil Mon 06-Sep-10 12:10:24

I went to the loos in Leicester Square recently; they were surprisingly smell and filth free. I was impressed.

MonarchoftheGarioch Mon 06-Sep-10 12:17:43

I do love a posh loo MmeLindt. I can recommend the ones at Glenfiddich Distillery, with the ones at House of Bruar on the A9 coming a close second (can you guess where I spent my summer hols?).

I also remember the ones in Fortnum & Mason being pretty impressive, if slightly intimidating - definitely worth spending a penny there if you're caught short on Piccadilly wink...

sapphireblue Mon 06-Sep-10 12:20:03

The loos and facilities in the Bullring in Birmingham are pretty good. Baby change areas all have a toilet in them which is just so useful when you can't fit the pushchair into the ladies loos.......invaluable when I'm shopping with my 2yo and 7mo. The only thing they don't have which would improve things further is a feeding room.

dexter73 Mon 06-Sep-10 12:25:53

Bicester Village has fab loos. The best ones are in the corner by Christian Dior.

MmeLindt Mon 06-Sep-10 12:38:04

oooh, yes. I forgot about the House of Bruar. I love the big wicker basket as a bin and the posh liquid soap.

The toilets in the Langham Hotel in London were so beautiful I nearly cried. Well, not quite, but nearly.

Alouiseg Mon 06-Sep-10 13:04:48

Wow, I just came to mention the Frinton loos, but only the 20p ones. The others are a bit horrid.

Stray Mon 06-Sep-10 13:15:29

The ones at Gun Wharf in Portsmouth are nice. DS love the free mint dispenser!

southeastastra Mon 06-Sep-10 13:16:34

the very posh ones at the ritz are quite funny. we were sat in there and the mirrored wall opened and a little old cleaning lady shuffled out, replaced something then shuffled back behind the mirror again.

southeastastra Mon 06-Sep-10 13:17:17

and shanklin beach has the most industrial toilets i have ever seen but top marks isle of wight for having loos everywhere

BraveGirl Mon 06-Sep-10 13:19:56

Second Bicester village!
Was pleasingly surprised by Leigh Delamere services on M4 yesterday.
Bluewater also very very nice!

djinnie Mon 06-Sep-10 13:21:15

Westfield Centre in Derby - pretty good with great and ample driers.

Crowne Plaza hotel in Nottingham 'public access' ones are pretty fab too.

mrspear Mon 06-Sep-10 13:24:06

2nd vote for Bluewater - very good baby facilities

OP you not the only one who gets a little thrill when i go in a lovely clean loo

DH finds it very funny

LittleBoxes Mon 06-Sep-10 13:27:28

Nice ones in the middle of Sandwich, by the car park. An attendant, and flowers. Costs money though.

ABitTipsy Mon 06-Sep-10 13:27:42

Royal Festival Hall on the southbank. Huge, clean, usually totally empty, smile

anonymousbird Mon 06-Sep-10 13:30:29

Hoste Arms, Norfolk.
You could have a flippin party down there.

schroeder Mon 06-Sep-10 13:37:20

I love the ones at the beach in Sheringham, the stained glass is fantastic.
I'm shocked to find that they have only this year been supplied with hot water though.

zanz1bar Mon 06-Sep-10 13:40:43

Haakesen restaurant London,
Sooooo Dark, dark wood, dark walls, dark doors and almost no light at all.
Like entering a black hole. You should get a medal for finding your way out.

lottiejenkins Mon 06-Sep-10 13:41:29

The toilets at the top of Carr Street in Ipswich are lovely always clean and have nice smiley staff and you get the major swatting a fly on the top!!

pagwatch Mon 06-Sep-10 13:44:17

Toilets in the posh part of The Westfield centre are nice. DD likes the loos in jamies in Guildford.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Mon 06-Sep-10 13:45:16

For all you campers out there - Pencelli Castle near Brecon.

Their facilities are cleaner than mine at home blush

MrsMeow Mon 06-Sep-10 13:45:54

The ones in the bar of the Midland Hotel, Manchester are lurvely. They have hand cream and everything grin

MrsMeow Mon 06-Sep-10 13:47:07

Trafford Centre loos are pretty nice as well!

Ones to avoid - Chester bus station. Ugh.

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