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Chessington - any top tips?

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bodiddly Sun 08-Aug-10 15:49:52

I am thinking of taking ds to Chessington on our Merlin Pass this week. I know it is going to be stupidly busy but it is the only time I am off with him. We have never been before ... does anyone have any tips as to what rides to head for first etc? Ds is 5 and loves the big rides unfortunately!

Also, if I carry a bag with me am I going to be able to take it on the rides etc or is there anywhere to store them? I am new to going to these places without someone else so haven't got a clue!

CarGirl Tue 10-Aug-10 22:07:00

Legoland and Thorpe Park - we only live 5 mins from Thorpe so even though there is not much to do there for younger ones.

I've done london eye with dh

Planning to do Warwick Casle and Alton Towers for 2 days at the end of the month, my friend is kindly letting us house sit in Leicestshire for a few days grin

bodiddly Tue 10-Aug-10 22:14:19

thats great ... I have a friend that lives in Cheshire .. not a million miles away from Alton Towers so may try that some time. I remember going to Warwick Castle once on a trip from Uni - you will have a fab time!

I took ds to London Aquarium last month when I first got the passes ... will do London Eye in September or October probably. I have a feeling we will make quite a few trips to legoland and chessington - definitely going to get our monies worth!

bowyert1 Wed 20-Feb-13 07:13:49

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