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Chessington - any top tips?

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bodiddly Sun 08-Aug-10 15:49:52

I am thinking of taking ds to Chessington on our Merlin Pass this week. I know it is going to be stupidly busy but it is the only time I am off with him. We have never been before ... does anyone have any tips as to what rides to head for first etc? Ds is 5 and loves the big rides unfortunately!

Also, if I carry a bag with me am I going to be able to take it on the rides etc or is there anywhere to store them? I am new to going to these places without someone else so haven't got a clue!

bodiddly Sun 08-Aug-10 21:08:28


OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 08-Aug-10 21:12:59

Professor Bubbleworks gets stupidly long queues and breaks down lots, so I'd hit that early on. I
f he is tall enough then the Vampire is excellent - you do need to dump your bag on the platform.
Runaway mine train is also one to hit very early on. Probably first so you can fit in a few goes before it gets busy. Most rides you can take your bag on with you.

bodiddly Sun 08-Aug-10 21:15:13

so is it safe to leave bags do you think or do you just take money etc out of them? I was hoping to take some sandwiches etc but wont bother if it means I have to carry stuff. He is 117cm tall so not sure about the Vampire ride .. will check though. I am dreading some of the rides as I am not a rollercoaster type person ..

CarGirl Sun 08-Aug-10 21:20:36

I take a buggy and leave it with the picnic etc on, so far we've not had it stolen!

I'm hoping to go tomorrow - c u there????

Get there early ie 9.45 to get in and do the most popular rides first.

Bubbleworks has hideously loud music and is very busy

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 08-Aug-10 21:25:08

I think its safe, but I wouldn't leave anything valuable in it. Have you a money belt type thing?
Avoid the back of the runaway train if you don't like rollercoasters as it can get a bit rough and child squashing at the back.

The vampire is ok one steep climb and the rest is fast but not scary.

height restrictions

wouldnt go on rameses revenge if you paid me so its good hes not tall enough. Not been on Kobra which is new.

Don't forget when it gets too much you can go and look at the animals.

bodiddly Sun 08-Aug-10 21:25:50

was thinking of Tuesday CarGirl .. thats a shame - it wouldve been great to meet up. Ds has had a few late nights and I think he needs a fairly chilled out day tomorrow. Also I think the M25 will be a bit better at that time of the morning on Tuesday comapred to tomorrow. Which rides do you suggest first?

bodiddly Sun 08-Aug-10 21:28:52

Thats the plan with the animals OhYouBadBadKitten ... I will leave his Dad to take him to Legoland and do the bigger rides. I figured Chessington might be a little gentler.

CarGirl Sun 08-Aug-10 21:32:03

Bubbleworks, log flume, tomb blaster, vampire, sea storm, runaway train.

dd4 also likes the smaller rides elephants, bouncing berries, bus thing in asia land, the toad hall cars, carousel

Do not go on those tiny truckers ride next to the carousel - the queue looks tiny but it takes forever..........if it says 45 minutes it truly means it!

Love the indoor and outdoor play and watching the show.

I would suggest get in early do rides, then do animals, stay late and do more rides.

I'm away the rest of the week or would have moved days around - much more interesting with another adult there!

bodiddly Sun 08-Aug-10 21:39:12

maybe another time CarGirl? Do you have merlin passes? His dad is having him the week after but the week after that I am off again possibly. We went to legoland last year and he is desperate to go again but I will leave that one for my ex to do next week (looks like I may have persuaded him not to take him abroad!!!!). Is Thorpe Park any good?

bodiddly Sun 08-Aug-10 21:40:23

Also, is the food awful? My plan was to take our own but I dont really fancy being weighed down with bags if I can avoid it. I wondered if I might be able to avoid taking one altogether if I planned it well!

CarGirl Sun 08-Aug-10 21:45:41

The food is okay, the fish and chips are nice there is a BK or Macs, a pizza place and a few other things. We generally take one meal with us and then eat fish and chips later but obviously we live so close we don't often stay for a whole day so just take a picnic.

I live 5 mins from Thorpe Park and 20 from Chess and 30 from Legoland so have passes! The beach at thorpe is okay - we have a tiny garden so somewhere to go when it's hot. A few rides younger ones can go on so not as suitable as Chessington.

The last week of the hols could be doable if I haven't started work by then hmm

bodiddly Sun 08-Aug-10 21:48:00

Thanks - McD will do him and isnt silly money. Im on the first month of my new budgeting post financial independence so am keen to be as sensible as possible.

CarGirl Sun 08-Aug-10 21:56:36

I'd take a backpack with drinks and a few snacks in - handy to have them in the queue. YOu can mostly take small bags on rides with you or there is somewhere safish to leave them.

bodiddly Sun 08-Aug-10 21:58:48

grrr cat has just brought another frog in ... thats the third since last night! I think the frogs are all out because the flying ants are about today!

CarGirl Sun 08-Aug-10 22:01:19

I have finally put in a cat flap for mine today - they've finally used it and are now completely confused as I've closed it for the night grin

bodiddly Sun 08-Aug-10 22:02:28

I think mine are out most of the night in this weather. We used to lock them in until the largest managed to break through 3 cat flaps! He won ... now they get to come and go at will!

CarGirl Sun 08-Aug-10 22:03:29

shock ours are having a go hmm we signed an agreement with the cat club to keep them in at night confused

bodiddly Sun 08-Aug-10 22:03:33

now I just need to decide what to do tomorrow!

CarGirl Sun 08-Aug-10 22:04:14

playground is always a good one.

bodiddly Sun 08-Aug-10 22:05:14

I would be happier that way to be honest ... I hate not knowing whether they are safe - our road is such a race track at times.

bodiddly Sun 08-Aug-10 22:06:28

I took him for a walk in the woods and to the playground today. I have a massive cardboard box that I have said we will make into a space ship or some such tomorrow ... may do an outing somewhere as well .. even if it is only to feed the ducks or perhaps a swim. I havent taken him for ages!

CarGirl Sun 08-Aug-10 22:07:20

You are telling me my future as a full time worker sad

bodiddly Sun 08-Aug-10 22:11:14

sorry CarGirl ... its horrible isnt it? Especially when you have so many little ones! I have to get my head around being a single mum now and get used to it. Days out as the only adult dont seem very appealing right now sad

CarGirl Sun 08-Aug-10 22:12:51

We can do some meet ups, I can leave dh to catch up on the housework on Saturdays grin

It's worse now they're all at school so little time to spend with them when they aren't tired and grumpy. It is getting better now they're a little older and are coping with school better IYSWIM

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