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Why do they bother?

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CaptainPants Tue 23-Jun-09 13:29:28

At the office I work in the cleaning company has put a pot-pourri in the gents! What a waste of effort, napalm couldn?t cover up the smell what use are a few rose petals?

Do you have any 'why do they bother' thoughts?

Pan Wed 24-Jun-09 01:00:59

Well, this thread as an example....with

gigglewitch Wed 24-Jun-09 01:20:48

oooh. wandered in for a giggle (as name suggests) and ouch.

Pan, are you named after the Greek god (of goats and sheep iirc, with a goatee beard...) or the kitchen receptacle?

Pan Wed 24-Jun-09 01:41:52

Both giggle.

gigglewitch Wed 24-Jun-09 01:43:56

a kitchen receptacle of goats and sheep? Ah, I see grin

thumbwitch Wed 24-Jun-09 01:48:33

Bad GW, but funny grin
<waves at Pan, who probably has pipes somewhere as well as cloven hooves>

CP - bless 'em for trying, eh. They've probably put a nannycam in there to see which of you pisses in the sink. grin

UrbanDad Thu 25-Jun-09 10:09:23

Um, here's a "why bother"?

Why do they both putting high-chairs in cafes when they serve food searing-hot, only in adult portions and don't have a nappy changing area?

themildmanneredjanitor Thu 25-Jun-09 10:10:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BarcodeZebra Sun 28-Jun-09 21:38:45

Why do they bother with the fold down changing table but NEVER a shelf to put anything on?

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