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Any junior football coaches about...need some advice!

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Insanity Sun 14-Jun-09 21:41:38


DS currently under 8's in local footy team. Coaches are very good, seem to know their stuff, good with kids etc..

DS is in the first team and although he has some good skills and moments of brilliance, the pace is very fast and the boys are quite big and stronger than ds (he is small for his age). My ds doesnt seem to like to get stuck in with tackles but is there when it matters.

The problem is I worry that the pace will be faster and stronger next season and he enjoys it so much but I dont want him to get disheartened. He maybe better playing in the second team where the oppossition dont seem so big but how do I approach the coaches without insulting there football knowledge or seeming too pushy - male pride and all that!

HumpingAnteater Mon 15-Jun-09 09:36:37

If he is in the firsts, he is there on merit
So I would not be looking to drop him down a level if he is enjoying it.

You say the coaches are good so I would leave it to them.

I was never the biggest of players but wasnt afraid to get stuck in, unless it was very muddy and waterlogged pitch.

Rubyrubyrubyinthegame Mon 15-Jun-09 09:41:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

adad123 Mon 15-Jun-09 13:56:40


I've coached children's football for a few years. Your son will be a good indicator if he is coping ok, if he is happy let him get on with it.

And if the coaches are good ones they will do what's best by him.

All children develop at different ages, as long as he is enjoying it that is all that matters.

mayorquimby Tue 16-Jun-09 12:04:17

i'd take the lead from your son. if he's worried about the size and pace i'd encourage him to stick with it for a couple of weeks because honestly it'd be the best for his development as a player because you have to learn to cope with playing against bigger and better players.
if after trying to stick with it and he is still not enjoying it then have a word with his coaches, because it'd be better for him to drop down and enjoy his football than to get disheartened and quit altogether.
however i've never in my playing or coaching life met any player who'd rather be on the seconds than the firsts.

stoppinattwo Tue 16-Jun-09 12:19:50

Insanity...your son will let you know if he feels out of his depth.

Tackling is a lot harder than it looks and does take some confidence and also depending upon what position he plays he may have no need to the more up front you play the less requirement for tackling which is generally a defenders job as a way of removing the ball.

I wouldnt expect to see good proper tackling untill he is playing U10's honestly....some may be doing it now but htye probably have older brothers or someone they regularly play with older than them whom they have got the skill from....

He will get stuck in when he is good and ready.

All he needs confidence for and what will make him stand out is shouting for the ball and good accurate passing smile

If he is in the first team he must be doing something right...hope this helps

Insanity Tue 16-Jun-09 16:39:33

He does play up front and his passing is spot on - good eye for the ball according to his coaches

The season is nearly over, just tournaments and that left, so will perhaps wait for the new season and then see how he feels - perhaps his confidence will grow over the summer, if not, then I will speak to the coaches.

Maybe I am just being over protective and dont want him to get hurt blush !!

Insanity Tue 16-Jun-09 16:42:02

Thanks for your answers,always helps to have a differet point of view.

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