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How often do you

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boywunder Wed 27-May-09 17:10:15

Crack one off. I'm a once or twice a day man. Don't know if this is high volume or standard, but I suspect its on the upper end of the scale.

itchyandscratchy Wed 27-May-09 17:12:34

so it's official: you're a wanker

sparklycheerymummy Wed 27-May-09 17:17:56

well done itcyandscratchy!!! here here!!!!!!

SummatAnNowt Wed 27-May-09 17:45:26

does it regrow after the cracking off or do you just do small amounts each time?

boywunder Wed 27-May-09 18:09:05

its not a worm, and believe me it re-grows

Rindercella Wed 27-May-09 18:10:40

<<must pay myself a tenner from the bet I placed before opening this thread>>

boywunder Wed 27-May-09 18:13:12

its not a worm, and believe me it re-grows

itchyandscratchy Wed 27-May-09 22:13:09

yes we heard you the first time, sonny hmm

DadInsteadofMum Tue 02-Jun-09 10:59:36

Boy wonder - a name that is only half right

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