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Airbags or passenger seat?

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PadDad Tue 27-Jan-09 19:02:08

I'm seriously thinking about removing the front passenger seat in my MINI.

This will give me lots of extra space to put in the folded stroller, and easier access to 13-mth-old DD's carseat on the back seat...

Most of the time it's just me and the baby in the car anyway, and there would still be a second seat in the back for when DW joins us. It would just be a 3-seater car rather than a 4seater, but with much more storage space.

Is there any reason why I shouldn't start unscrewing?

Would it be better to remove the front airbag and put the forward-facing carseat in the front? (at what toddler-age is that legal?)

PuzzleRocks Tue 27-Jan-09 20:40:25

Bumping for you.

KnickKnack Tue 27-Jan-09 20:46:50

Can you not disable the airbag for journeys when you need the car seat to be in the front?
Although the back seat is preferable, babies are allowed in the front seat from birth AFAIK.

Storing things (like stroller) in the front area would increase the risk of injury in the event of an accident (as it, and other items stored there, would go flying!)

PadDad Wed 28-Jan-09 12:31:48

I've read quite a few articles saying the front passenger seat is the least-safe area of the car. Is this correct?

Under my scheme the baby seat would go behind my seat.

I think you're right about things flying - I would rig up straps to keep them secure.

DarthViking Wed 28-Jan-09 19:56:25

I'm not familiar with the mini, but a lot of cars put electrical control boxes on the floor under the passenger seat. You also have the carpet join, which could be a pain if it starts lifting.

I can't see how it would make a difference, but your insurance company could use it as an excuse for not paying out if something happens (you have modified the car from a 4/5 seater to a 3/4 seater). It would be worth asking the question.


LynetteScavo Wed 28-Jan-09 20:01:53

PadDad - leave yuor Mini alone or get a bigger car.
DarthViking- you name is DarthViking - so don't sign yourself Dave. Or just call your self Dave in the firstplace, Dave.

PadDad Sat 31-Jan-09 06:51:39

Wow, Lynette is strict!

Don't want a bigger car, thanks. London parking means smaller car. Why not just adapt the car I love to make it that much more perfect?

DarthViking Sat 31-Jan-09 15:52:07

Lynette is entitled to her opinion and can express it freely. Though when I read her comments my first thought was that she needs to come down to Devon and chill a bit wink

I assume that it is your Mini (No HP etc.). If that's the case, do what you like, BUT please check with the insurance and MOT guys that your not going to fall foul of some condition or regulation.

I did exactly what your suggestion to a FIAT 126 a few years ago so I could help a friend move an engine. I have even seen some Fiat 126 with both front seats removed (search the images on google for Fiat 126 and you'll see why).

LynetteScavo Mon 02-Feb-09 14:20:48

You are right. I soooo need to go to Deveon to chill out.

foolsnobody Thu 05-Feb-09 20:58:08

Don't bother.

Be honest, how long will you strap the stroller in for once you've removed the front seat? A week? Maybe even a fortnight? Until you think 'Ah, sod it. I can't be arsed'

This will be the very same journey when some twat decides not to give way at a roundabout and hurtles into the passenger side of your Mini, catapulting your stroller around the inside of your car.

GreatDadinTraining Fri 06-Feb-09 10:04:35

I think I'd get a dealer to remove the seat if I was going to, ensure warranty stuff etc not affected.
I'd always pick a back seat over a front seat for kid safety (as long as you don't get shunted by some idiot texting whilst driving that is - that's the new driving evil BTW)

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