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Advice/support colleague in marriage breakdown?(kids staying with him)

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stripeybumpsmum Fri 10-Oct-08 21:59:04

Help me out a bit here guys?

Met a colleague today who completely floored me by responding to usual 'hey, how are you?' by saying he was splitting with wife. Clearly devastated. She is leaving for new partner. Two teenage kids (who will stay with him). He has recently lost a parent too.
Not close friends with colleague - kept in touch after previously working together - but concerned enough to offer support.

What's useful/not useful to say? Should mention I work in profession where I routinely deal with people and their problems so can do the professional response, just felt a bit useless with the personal bit - no personal experience to draw on.

What best to say/not say? Do/not do?

Have posted in Relationships section too.


BarcodeZebra Tue 14-Oct-08 21:54:28

Help him to plan awful things to do to ex wife and new partner. Shooting's too good for some people.

Stay in touch and be prepared to listen to torrents of bitterness. If you are friends with the ex then be prepared to drop her. He won't want anything to do with you otherwise. Just by calling now and then you'll be doing more than you can imagine for the poor guy. Most people run for the hills in this scenario so you sound like one of the good guys. Good on you.

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