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Were any of you Dads at Cineworld Cinema Sheffield today??

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Notalone Sat 07-Jun-08 21:35:03

.... cos I saw a man with his DD and about 8 of his DD's friends on his own about to go into Nims Island and for some reason thought he had to be a M'netter. He seemed totally unfazed by the fact he was on his own with 8 v excited girly girls and he even had the insight to sit a row behind them in the cinema so they could giggle and screech to their hearts delight.

Come on - fess up. Which one of you was it lol??!!

whatdayisit Sat 07-Jun-08 21:43:37

LOL That was so he could pretend they weren't with him grin

I bet he was good looking too wasn't he?

Notalone Sat 07-Jun-08 21:52:42

Do you know Whatdayisit he actually was!!! What a man lol

Kevlarhead Mon 21-Jul-08 23:07:24

<makes notes...>

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