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can I buy underwear for me for dp's birthday?

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onlywondering Thu 15-May-08 10:05:38

dp the other day was talking about how I used to wear stockings etc pre-kids; I don't now; it used to be something I'd do if we were going out for the evening which we did a lot more as you can imagine. he was talking about how nice it was and how he wanted a bit more bedroom action

anyway his birthday is coming up and I wondered would it be really mean to buy myself some stockings and suspenders etc as part of his present? he is really difficult to buy for never wants anything or can think of anything for people to get him. Or would it seem a bit selfish? I think he would know it was for him.

I need a bloke's opinion!

onlywondering Thu 15-May-08 11:21:56


NappiesGalore Thu 15-May-08 11:24:35

not a bloke
but sounds like hes kind of asked for this, doesnt it.
and whats the alternative? some inane cd and a scarf/tie?
think hed rather the stockings etc.

Cappuccino Thu 15-May-08 11:32:14

make sure you like it as well though smile

NappiesGalore Thu 15-May-08 11:41:40

oh god yes. must make you feel good.

onlywondering Thu 15-May-08 13:46:14

ok then you will have to help me or I will buy something really boring like this, is this boring? I am so used to practical undies

onlywondering Thu 15-May-08 14:00:14

oh please help me

Rhubarb Thu 15-May-08 14:02:54

I think it depends on how you set the scene. I would cook him a wonderful meal, full of his favourite things (get the kids to bed first), then when he asks for dessert you get up and slowly unzip your dress to reveal a beautiful basque and stockings etc.

Men usually go for the really cheesy types of underwear, like lacy red and black.

Rhubarb Thu 15-May-08 14:04:50

onlywondering - no, like this

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 15-May-08 14:04:55


OrmIrian Thu 15-May-08 14:07:10

It wouldn't be mean. I'm sure he'd love it.

What is mean is my DH buying me bloody underwear for every single occasion that comes up...when I don't give a toss about it! He even admits it's for why buy it as a gift for me?

But i'd got for it if i were you.

Rhubarb Thu 15-May-08 14:08:27

We are talking about a gift for him though, he'll appreciate that, trust me.

onlywondering Thu 15-May-08 14:10:14

VVV do you mean no I shouldn't buy underwear or no I shouldn't buy that

Rhubarb don't be daft he would have a coronary if I wore that. I am 40 years old for pete's sake

onlywondering Thu 15-May-08 14:14:07

I am off to start a style thread I think that is a good idea

this is really difficult I need support (and vodka, probably)

LoveMyGirls Thu 15-May-08 14:14:20

can't go wrong with this imo

onlywondering Thu 15-May-08 14:17:35

it has no suspenders

bogie Thu 15-May-08 14:18:45

onlywondering Thu 15-May-08 14:22:01

oh dear god I will have to lie down. I am very very much out of my depth.

LoveMyGirls Thu 15-May-08 14:30:04

cant u jst put a suspender belt on underneath it? (i'm not a suspenders type, i find them irritating, did it once and swore never again despite dp buying me a jasper conran sus belt! I could just about cope with hold ups lol!

Toothyboy Thu 15-May-08 14:31:22

Is he particularly into suspenders? You could wear hold-ups.

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 15-May-08 17:34:54

I wont bore you with the long complex answer, but, 'giving' sex/dressing up as a present goes against everything I believe in.

If you want to dress up - go for it. But dont do it as a present.

onlywondering Thu 15-May-08 20:34:50

oh I see VVV I get what you are getting at

yes I am fully aware of the feminist dodginess of 'giving sex' as a present and that's not what I'm trying to do, believe me - my sex life is perfectly mutually respectful etc

I'm not the kind of woman to give a blow job for shoes or whatever that thread was about, or to go to a poledancing workshop

I see the present as kind of like buying theatre tickets - I will be going too, and having a very nice time, but it is still a lovely thing to think of getting for someone and does not suggest at all that you are being forced to sit through a play that you wouldn't otherwise have been bothered to see

keepcalmandsauvignon Thu 15-May-08 20:38:58

grin at theatre tickets! good metaphor!

moondog Thu 15-May-08 20:40:13

Ah, lighten up VVV!

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 15-May-08 21:48:19

I'm perfectly fluffy as a cloud MD, hence my not giving the long answer wink

I happen to think it's not a good idea. That dont make me a prissy, and to imply so is buying into misogyny for fear of seeming prudish. I just dont go for male orientated pre-ordained ideas of excitement is all.

Sure you dont want the long answer?????? grin

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