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any dads out there go to soccer tots with their dc? Is there one in Leicester??!

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fairylights Thu 13-Dec-07 20:08:38

think my dh would love to go along to soccer tots with our ds but can't seem to find any info about it on google re: locations.
Would like to know if its any good, what is the youngest age kiddies can go and if there is one in leicester! Ta smile

lisa34 Thu 13-Dec-07 20:24:39

My ds used to go and loved it. Just looked on the net email address is go to 2nd page and click on join in - there you can put your postcode in and it should bring up classes in your area smile

fairylights Thu 13-Dec-07 20:28:29

thanks lisa! was being blind before sorry. shame the nearest to us is an hour away - think thats probably pushing it a bit! smile

NK7ba67084X112dc48630c Wed 02-Jan-08 20:02:30

New Socatots Centres are setting up throughout the UK, so I'd keep an eye on the website and keep in contact with the site 1 hour away as they may have news of a centre setting up closer to you. Good Luck and enjoy.

sajee Sun 18-Jan-09 16:34:47

I just signed my daughter up to LITTLE KICKERS (similar to Socatots, but apprently better value and more fun!!). They have two venues in Leicester - Hamilton and Thurmaston - with sessions for juniors and older kids.....More info available on their website

kickstartfootball Mon 18-Jul-11 13:11:26


We run football coaching for children aged 3-6 called Tots FC.

Based at a number of locations in Leicestershire, City and County.

Visit for more details.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


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