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Calling all Dadsnetters! Do your DW/DP's do this??

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MrsClausinJimmyChoos Sat 08-Dec-07 21:38:27

Dh told me today that I was 'getting competitive(sp!)' over this he means that I'm kind of oh I've done x,y,x and you've only done x.....he has a point, but I do this because I feel he doesn't do enough and I'm pointing out all what I've done to show him he needs to do more....

Anyone else's partner do this or is it just me?? hmm

pantoinghousewife Sat 08-Dec-07 21:39:40

What have I missed, what the hell is Dadsnet?

MrsClausinJimmyChoos Sat 08-Dec-07 21:48:08

Its replaced the Mens room on the topic list. There is a gransnet as well smile

amytheearwaxbanisher Sat 08-Dec-07 21:48:25

we are the opposite dh says proudly i put the bin out and cleaned the delph today smug smugety do you want a gold star who do you think does it 364 days of the year do you want a list of what ive done today rant rant rantgrini love him really

EricScrooge Sun 09-Dec-07 16:09:27

It's the other way round in our house anyway as i do all the housey stuff.

I don't point out the things i do though in a competitive way.

The only thing i do moan about is when she cops out of cooking at the weekend and wants to either go out, or buy 'fast food' to do at home. I look forward to having some food cooked for me at the weekend you see. She claims it is still cooked for me, just not by her.

It's not the same though!

She is cooking a sunday roast today though so i am licking my lips in anticipation.

MrsGrinch Sun 09-Dec-07 16:15:25

My dh points out everything he's done.

And he has an annoying habit of adding 'for you' on the end like he's doing me a 'I've washed up for you' . Er no, why for me? There's just as many of his dirty coffee cups as mine.

Sparkler Sun 09-Dec-07 16:22:22

LOL DH did this today. I went to Tesco to do a big food shop and left him home with our two dds.
When I came back he said "DD has done her homework, I've hoovered around, done some washing and put it in the tumble and washed up".
I just shrugged my shoulders and said ok and walked off. PMSL What he really wanted was for me to give him a huge round of applause and present him with a trophy! wink I didn't give in.

PestohohohoMonster Sun 09-Dec-07 17:14:26


I only wish my DH was competitive at doing things, instead of just leaving them to me. hmm

UnquietDad Sun 09-Dec-07 23:27:40

Agree that the "for you" thing is a bit "ouch", unless there genuinely is a strictly-divided rota of jobs and one has done the other a favour. Some households do work like this.

I do the "job update" thing too, though. Sometimes it is nothing to do with wanting a medal - it's just a way of telling you that we haven't been sitting on our arses all the time you were out.

IsawBUMPERkissingsantaclaus Mon 10-Dec-07 09:29:04

I do it to my dh blush - like UQD says though, it is just to prove that I haven't done sod all all day! he's good though, he just says "i don't care if you do nothing all day"

wish i was as nice as my dh grin

theUrbanDryAdventCalendar Mon 10-Dec-07 09:30:46

i can see your point UQD, but do you think we sit on our arses while you're out? wink <<desperately hopes dh doesn't come on and say "My dw sits on her arse all day...">>

UnquietDad Mon 10-Dec-07 10:02:50

No, but I think some women assume men do!

Amusingly, a SAHM of DW's acquaintance was having the "what she does all day" conversation once and she let slip the following nugget - that she worked out her daily chores would take her a couple of hours, and so always scheduled them to coincide with her husband's arrival home from work. This was so that she could appear to be "bustling" and busy when he walked in the door. She could easily have got everything done by noon, but then she'd have her feet up watching Cbeebies when he came in, and that would never do!!

theUrbanDryAdventCalendar Mon 10-Dec-07 10:06:13

omg - she told someone that she did that? i always never do this. blush

nah, i told dh that looking after ds was a full time job, and that all the housework i did on top was a bonus...

UnquietDad Mon 10-Dec-07 10:07:53

Course she did! She told it over a drink "between women". And of course DW told me! So now all men know..... bwahahahahahahahhaa

theUrbanDryAdventCalendar Mon 10-Dec-07 14:10:52

oh bugger wink

HappyDaddy Tue 11-Dec-07 16:15:09

You women are all such martyrs.


vickolita Tue 11-Dec-07 20:41:10

Have you seen 'Chorewars' It is ace if your
DP is a bit of a geek. You invent yourself a character and create 'adventures' like doing the washing up and putting the rubbish out. Then you get points for each activity you claim. You can't lose basically - either you get to be all smug and competitive and 'I told you I did more about the house' or you can let your dp win and be 'upset' about falling behind wink

SilkySilky Sat 04-Dec-10 21:10:59

Just read "UnquietDad Mon 10-Dec-07"


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