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need a mans opinion- best way to turn on long term boyfriend?

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olsmum Tue 02-Oct-07 20:31:55

been together nearly three years and everything great (inc sex- very great) but want try something new to surprise him. no threesomes or weird stuff please. tried dressing up but im very concsious of my body, a bit flabby in places! (and when i say "a bit" i mean "very")

InMyHumbleOpinion Tue 02-Oct-07 20:35:08

not a man but quite slutty

dress up in something NOT REVEALING like a basque and long coat and pointy fuckme boots (men love these}

Leave the lights on low, but leave them on

Tie him up and massage him with oil.

DaDaDa Wed 03-Oct-07 09:34:18

>Tie him up and massage him with oil

Then roast in a preheated oven at gas mark 6 for 40 minutes. grin

MeAndMyBoys Wed 03-Oct-07 09:48:48

DH bought us a great game called Nookii
Nookii. Definately recommend it - buy it, wrap it up and then plan a Nookii evening/night. Send him an invite to a Nookii night and give him the parcel as the start - then you're off. We tend to end up laughing as well as some fantastic sex, but that's probably far more than you needed to know. blush

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