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desperate for your manly opinions [hopefull emoticon]

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dressedupnowheretogo Mon 24-Sep-07 01:03:12

since i met my dh 7 years ago ive slowly pt on and lost 3stone im currently a stone and a half heavy than we met at my biggest was 18 and smallest was 12/14 im very curvy [read big boobs] and my dh is 7 years older than me .

we've always had a fab sexlife with lots of experimentation and laughter over the years

i had our lo last aug and i bf up until june but my sex drive never wavered and we still had lots of fab sex whilst i was pg and some fnny but scary secenes whilst i was bfing too[ob not whilst having sex]

when my pnd and anxiety kicked in i admit i have let myself go not shaving my legs fango etc this is something i used to be very particular about im sorry if im boring anyone

sad recently my dh doesnt seem interested he doesnt want to make love or naughty quicies we used to enjoy he wont even let me perform oral sex on him. im feeling so rejected over the last three weeks i have made a huge effort and i feel so much better for looking after myself and im constantly asking for sex and being rejected

any ideas??????

he's 34 and im 25 is it an age thing???

sorry for the essay i just needed to get it off my chest

dressedupnowheretogo Mon 24-Sep-07 01:04:10

that was suppossed to be naughty quickies blush

dressedupnowheretogo Mon 24-Sep-07 09:53:30


Wisteria Mon 24-Sep-07 10:02:44

All the men must be busy dressed up - and I feel for you so am keeping this going.

My exdh and I split up moreorless over this issue. I can identify with you feeling rejected etc. It all started for us when I had dd2.

Sometimes we all have periods when we're just not in the mood and I am currently being like your dh (hope I get over it soon though!).

I suppose all I would say is try to take a day where you pamper yourself and put some really slinky underwear on, cook a meal, bottle of wine or two etc - if that gets no reaction then you have to have a SERIOUS TALK.. He needs to know you feel rejected as he could be going through other things that he doesn't want to worry you with. Loads of things affect your sex drive including stress and diet just for example.

DaDaDa Mon 24-Sep-07 10:14:51

Has he got any problems at work that might be affecting him? Has he seemed stressed lately?

Maybe you could continue to make the effort with your appearance and, um, be available (sorry, that sounds horrible!) without actually asking for sex; that way he won't feel so pushed to perform.

I'm sure it's not an age thing. grin And if your weight has been up and down while you've known him without causing problems it's unlikely to be that either.

dressedupnowheretogo Mon 24-Sep-07 10:26:00

its just i feel he was getting to point where he didnt find me acctractive and now im making a hge effort for him and all he want to do is sleep

he does work damn hard and i know he is tired but its never bothered him before

i hope he's ok he's terrible for worrying bt as far as i know theres nothing on his plate at the mo

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