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Please don't despair - ANOTHER round of vasectomy questions

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Fizzylemonade Fri 21-Sep-07 07:46:42

Dh due to have one in 2 weeks. He worried about anyone "shaving" his bits including himself so wants to know can he use immac???? Or just give it a really close trim shock He is covered in bodily hair head to toe (oh I do love it)so he has quite a lot of pubic hair blush

He also wears jersy boxers that are relatively tight, can ge get away with wearing these or does he need "y-front" as stipulated by hospital? He hasn't worn underpants or y-fronts for about 20 years.

That's it, I have read the other threads so please be gentle with me.

Pan Sun 23-Sep-07 00:06:18

Hi fizzy!!

Well, some places insist on the shaving thing. Others don't. If his clinic is insisting, it isn't as tricky as it first may seem. The incisions are at the upper part of the sac, so no need to worry about a full it were....just a steady hand, and a modicum of care....could you do it???

As for the undies, he WIll need LOTS of room, and WON'T want to wear anything that brings pressure to his crown jewels - the whole area will be swollen and extremely tender....big Y-fronts that will only lightly help keep the dressing in place will be ideal.

He will be in utter agony slight discomfort for a day or two, tops.grin

Good luck.

AramintaVanHamstring Sun 23-Sep-07 00:24:32

My dh had one 10 days ago. He used 'Nair bikini line' on his nethers. I watched the op and the Dr really did need a clean field IYKIM. Dh was instructed to wear tight pants and his dressing consisted of a sticky plaster.

Capie Sun 23-Sep-07 01:20:37

DH had his done 2 weeks ago. No shaving & boxer shorts since then. No real pain just discomfort despite the 1 being blue

Fizzylemonade Sun 23-Sep-07 08:26:37

Thank you to all. Immac it is then! grin he can use mine. Ooooh I like the idea of watching, I'm not sick and don't want dh to be in pain, I am facinated by operations.

My dh who almost faints at ER and Casualty actually watched them do both my c-sections and close me up. Think he must have been high on adrenalin wink It will make a change for him to be the one having an operation.

Will stock the cupboard with paracetamol, ibruprofen and some nice goodies. He is due to have it just after our 8th wedding anniversary. Better get my nooky in now wink

BigGitDad Mon 24-Sep-07 09:44:54

I have to disagree with Pan on the pants thing, I was advised to wear pants that offered good support since you will not want your nuts flapping about about as they will be sore. The colouring I have to say was impressive! grin

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