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Can anyone help me wiv x-box live question? :)

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Idobelieveinfairies Thu 23-Aug-07 20:36:50

Thought this might be the best place to ask ;)

Basically we have an x-box 360. DP plays on-line. DS wants his own profile on it so he can play on-line with his mates rather than going under his dads name/profile...

can this be done? He is willing to pay the extra fee for going on-line but can this be done on the 1 x-box or would 2 x-boxes be needed?

Been looking on the x-box website but can;t find anything about it.

Does anyone know???

Imawurzel Fri 24-Aug-07 19:26:39

DH reckons go into x-box dashboard and creaqte a new gamer profile. He says you might have to pay extra, but like you said, your DS don't mind that.
DH is on his now. Been on it for hour now. But then i'm on here, fairs fair.

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