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Just found out that I'm going to be Dad for the first time.

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prab007 Thu 07-Nov-19 23:21:23

We had been trying for baby for over 3 years but since my wife has PCOS she was not conceiving. It all changed recently when my wife told me that she was pregnant. Ever since I got the news, I feel like I am in cloud 9. I cannot express how happy I am . Since, this is our first child, I and not quite sure where to start. I would much appreciate if you guys could help me out on things I should plan for and things I should do at the moment.

Thanks Everyone smile

Aquamarine1029 Thu 07-Nov-19 23:29:17

Congratulations!! Support your wife as much as possible. Growing a human is tough work, even if she has an easy pregnancy. The physical and emotional toll is beyond anything she has ever experienced, I assure you. Enjoy this amazing time and have fun planning for your new baby, and please don't underestimate how challenging giving birth can be. Your unconditional support and understanding will make all the difference for your wife. You sound like a lovely person and I'm sure you'll be a wonderful parent!

Rogedo Fri 08-Nov-19 14:46:27

Nice one fella - super pleased for you... smile

I've got 2 and if I had my time over I'd do a few things differently:

1) Accept any offers of financial help - especially with the big stuff like cots/prams etc. Yes, you could pay for it yourself but believe me you're going to need all the help you can get as those kids have a tendency to grow fast and you'll be buying new clothes/toys/kit regularly.

2) There will be bumps in the road. Whatever faces you, do it together. Your relationship will become stronger than you can imagine as a result.

3) Assemble everything way before the baby arrives. The last thing you want to be doing is assembling stuff when the baby is here - you won't have time!

4) Accept that you'll become different people. Get used to just being known as "daddy" or "dad" for a good few years. Sometimes I hear my own name being called and wonder who the hell they're talking about! smile

5) Baby blues can affect dads as well. The darkest days I've ever known were when I should have been at my happiest. As well as feeling utterly depressed and desolate, my wife was in the same boat so I felt I had nobody to turn to. It wasn't until I spoke to my barber about it that I even realised it was a thing. Yes, take care of the mother and child but cut yourself some slack too.

6) Enjoy the ride. Your kids are on loan as they say - mine are still quite young yet (4 & 8) but even now , I don't know when the time has gone. Every year they're different.

prab007 Sat 09-Nov-19 20:42:27

Thank you @Aquamarine1029

prab007 Sat 09-Nov-19 20:43:05

Thank you @Rogedo

Snausage Sat 09-Nov-19 21:13:02

Wowee! What wonderful news! Growing a baby is HARD WORK, so your understanding will go a long way. Try not to get frustrated and annoyed by unexplained tiredness, heightened emotions, possible sickness and everything that comes with that... Pay attention to how you're feeling, too! I wish you the very best in your new life as parents 😊

prab007 Fri 15-Nov-19 22:50:34

@Snausage Thank you

Slat3 Fri 15-Nov-19 22:52:40

Aw, congratulations flowers

MrsMozartMkII Fri 15-Nov-19 22:55:09


From memory (I was pregnant back when dinosaurs walked the land), I was suddenly teary, tired (as in extra tired and often just exhausted), felt fat and ugly and out of control of my body, emotional, and the second time was very sick, which made the rest of it worse. So, it's an amazing and wonderful time for sure, despite what I've just written, only it very often comes with some blips (see above!).

prab007 Sun 17-Nov-19 23:24:07

@Slat3 Thsnk you

prab007 Sun 17-Nov-19 23:24:36

@MrsMozartMkII Thank yousmile

Baldcrusader Sat 23-Nov-19 22:07:52

Nice one fella!

It's awesome but forget things like sleep, being called by your own name (did anyone know their friends parents names as kids??).

Tips. Second hand is good. If you're offered, take it.

Get stuff in advance. Build stuff in advance.

Read the books etc to have an idea then just trust your own instinct. Everyone else is an expert but no one had a f%)?ing clue what the hell they were doing when the midwives wave you off with the small fragile thing.

Good luck!

prab007 Thu 28-Nov-19 18:39:01

Thanks @Baldcrusader

DisgraceToTheYChromosome Mon 09-Dec-19 17:35:13

Congratulations! You won't have a clue, but keep the dry end wet, the wet end dry, and don't give baby their first bath while full of champagne. There WILL be video of you failing to support her head. Yes.

It's mostly brilliant. Boys are harder to keep alive, girls are harder to live with. Pick your battles, train your reflexes, count to ten. Wear clothing that can be boiled, as little boys can pee right in your face. So can little girls!

prab007 Fri 20-Dec-19 00:11:49

@DisgraceToTheYChromosome Thanks smile

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