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PFB moment

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TheHerdNerd Fri 13-Jul-07 19:03:04

I saw an "aw, bless" moment in John Lewis yesterday.

A couple in front of me had a baby that couldn't have been much more than a week or two old. She was lying in her carry-cot, squirming and wrestling with herself and basking in the beaming smiles of her proud parents.

Dad pushed her pram a foot or two forward (we were in the till queue), and immediately she started screwing up her little face and getting upset.

Both parents started flapping about with increasing urgency. Mum bustled over to the nappy bag to get the dummy, but that didn't work. Dad leant down and nervously patted baby's tummy, but that didn't work either. Baby was now getting more upset, starting to cry. Her parents stepped up their flapping. Dad frantically unbuckled her safety straps. Mum patted her forehead. Both of them were looking very very worried.

The queue moved on a bit, and Dad, mid-bustle, pushed her pram another two feet forward. This moved her out of the vivid white glare of the spotlight that had been directly over her face, and calm returned to the little family.

Our first baby is due in about a month - that's going to be me!

lissie Fri 13-Jul-07 19:06:15

lol. and....


TheHerdNerd Sat 14-Jul-07 01:36:28

Yes, indeed

FatherForgiveMe Mon 16-Jul-07 15:27:14

Love that story.

We had a similar experience with 1.5yo DD1's feeding. She'd just started saying "please" and we were determined she would say it before we would let her down from the table.

Having done it for about a week with no problems, she suddenly refused to say it and only said "Go!Go!" instead. DW and I kept saying "Not until you say please" - she stayed there for about 15 minutes steadily becoming more hysterical and leaning out of her high-chair shouting "GOGO!!!". Eventually DW despaired and took DD1 out of the high chair mystified by her sudden rebelliousness. When I came back in the evening, DD1 wanted some of my food and said "please". My response - "good girl!"


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