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manuka Tue 10-Jul-07 20:12:33

Please don't shout at me for bringing up this subject again. I have read the snip snip thread but wasn't really enough answers for me.
DH is worried about having it because he thinks he'l be in pain forever and thinks it will make him feel less virile.
Is this the case for any of you?

BigGitDad Tue 10-Jul-07 20:17:53

Why would he be in pain forever? Is this the Gavin Henson thread?
It is sore for a while but not painful as you have painkillers to numb your nuts during the procedure and if you wish you can take paracetamols and ibrufen after if you wish. I did not as it was not too bad, tender yes, but painful no.

manuka Tue 10-Jul-07 20:22:48

He's terrified of spurting blood!! And the thought of a man cutting into his parts really disturbs him! (think it would be even worse if it was a woman doing it!!)
I love him to death but he is a bit soft. I had a c section without enough anaesthetic so really I think I've done my bit!
Just need as much encouragement as possible for him.

currantbunmum Tue 10-Jul-07 20:40:27

It is a fairly bloodless proceedure, most men feel uncomfortable when the local anaesthetic goes in, momenterilly, until the anaesthetic works.
The inciscion is usually 1.5cm long, the vas is located and eased out of the scrotal sack. (looks like a piece of spaghetti)
A piece of the vas is then excised, and the two loose ends are the tied off with surgical ties, and also cauterised.
Any bleeding is then cauterised, some surgeons then put in an absorbable stitch in the skin, some don't.
And that's it.
Hope this helps.
DH is off for his next week

LordPan Wed 11-Jul-07 00:33:03

ditto BGD.....not painful..tender yes, but even that goes fairly quickly. He has nothing to worry about. Really.

manuka Thu 12-Jul-07 21:53:58

Thanks for your answers!

mum2rhiandeddie Wed 22-Aug-07 22:32:26

If it helps, my hubby had it done. He had a female doctor and nurse, but they weren't too disturbed by what they saw.

A new procedure is used nowadays where one small incision is made and the doctor goes under the skin to clamp the tubes.

There is a small hole which was sutured (is that the right word) together with a sort of glue. Sure, it is tender for a few days, but that goes away.

The best bit is it does improve your love life afterwards (that I can vouch for). If that doesn't persuade him then nothing will!


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